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n. Slang
A heavy user of crack cocaine.


(Recreational Drugs) slang a person addicted to the drug crack


Slang. a habitual user of cocaine in the form of crack.


[ˈkrækˌhed] Nadicto/a m/f al crack
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com)-- Most people think - once a crackhead, always a crackhead.
I was trying this trick and having a mental breakdown until this crackhead came over and had an actual mental breakdown.
Synopsis: In "You May See a Stranger", author Paula Whyman's debut collection of short stories, we find Miranda Weber hoarding duct tape to ward off terrorists, stumbling into a drug run with a crackhead, and (frequently) enduring the bad behavior of men.
He didn't know of any other crackhead as big as him," he said.
Case in point, Shirley stalking the Square in her trademark stretch denims and spiked heels, ready to wreak revenge on former crackhead Phil.
her lawyer pleaded her out, pregnant crackhead with a
Plan B Career: In 2005, Plan B made his breakthrough on the rap scene and had success with controversial hip-hop number Mama Loves a Crackhead.
And what's the name of the local crackhead who comes up with feeble schemes why Adam should give him money?
The listener is treated to a three-disc package, the first featuring the album and demos of five of the album tracks and disc two focusing on B-sides - including See That Girl, Leaving and Crackhead.
Established crackhead Aaron Sorkin must be hitting the pipe again.
Down 30 pounds, Bale is nothing less than revelatory as the skinny, skeeved-out crackhead who, against all odds, commands the audience's affection and, improbably, a few laughs.
And in latest film The Fighter it's Christian Lite once more as he shrinks into the body of crackhead, ex-welterweight Dicky Eklund for an Oscar-nominated performance.