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n. Slang
A heavy user of crack cocaine.


(Recreational Drugs) slang a person addicted to the drug crack


Slang. a habitual user of cocaine in the form of crack.


[ˈkrækˌhed] Nadicto/a m/f al crack
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I'm like 'Am I a crackhead or is he humming 'Old Town Road?' Then he started singing the lyrics," she recalled
Spence was described during his trial as "a crackhead".
He told her recently: "You're just a crackhead loser who's going to mess everything up for me and Abi unless you sort yourself out.
He starts pointing his finger in my face, and I bite it hard for calling Daddy a killer crackhead. Crackheads and the people who sell crack are bad people.
Former 'crackhead' locked up A TEENAGE burglar who described himself as a former "crackhead" failed to take his chance when given a youth rehabilitation order.
Columbia, MD, October 30, 2017 --( Most people think - once a crackhead, always a crackhead.
"I was trying this trick and having a mental breakdown until this crackhead came over and had an actual mental breakdown."
Synopsis: In "You May See a Stranger", author Paula Whyman's debut collection of short stories, we find Miranda Weber hoarding duct tape to ward off terrorists, stumbling into a drug run with a crackhead, and (frequently) enduring the bad behavior of men.
According to the New York Post, the 54-year-old actor verbally assaulted one of its black photographers on Sunday, calling the man a "crackhead" and a "drug dealer" outside Baldwin's East Village home.
Case in point, Shirley stalking the Square in her trademark stretch denims and spiked heels, ready to wreak revenge on former crackhead Phil.
her lawyer pleaded her out, pregnant crackhead with a