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1. A hard crisp biscuit.
2. cracknels Crisp bits of fried pork fat; cracklings.

[Middle English crakenele, alteration of Old French craquelin, from Middle Dutch krākelinc, small cake, from krāken, to crack; see gerə- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Cookery) a type of hard plain biscuit
2. (Cookery) (often plural) US and Canadian crisply fried bits of fat pork
[C15: perhaps from Old French craquelin, from Middle Dutch krākelinc, from krāken to crack]


(ˈkræk nl)

1. a hard, brittle biscuit.
2. cracknels, bits of fat pork fried crisp.
[1350–1400; Middle English crak(e)nele]


n(harter) Keks
References in classic literature ?
It's not good for him,' said Vasili Andreevich, munching a cracknel after emptying his glass.
Savour a salad ofCrisp romaine and iceberg, bacon bits, poached egg with anchovy dressing; salad of Paratacos spiced chicken with iceberg, roma tomato, kalamata olives, hard cooked egg, bacon cracknels and gorgonzola; salad ofAchard of palm with granny smith apples and rucola, watermelon carpaccio and toasted hazlenuts; and salad ofMixed mesclun, cherry tomato, avocado and asparagus in peppered maple balsamic.
And it's not only things you used to eat and drink and will never see again, like Grape- nuts and sarsaparilla and bloaters and puff cracknels.