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or crack-up  (krăk′ŭp′)
n. Informal
1. A crash, as one involving an airplane or automobile.
2. A mental or physical breakdown.
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1. a crash; collision.
2. a breakdown in health, esp. a mental breakdown.
3. collapse.
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or crack-up
1. Informal. A wrecking of a vehicle:
Informal: pileup.
2. Informal. A sudden sharp decline in mental, emotional, or physical health:
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n (inf)Zusammenbruch m
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Omorova believes that the first deputy chairman of the President's Office, Almazbek Kenenbaev, is relevant to the crackup in the Er-Tagi association.
The Evangelical Crackup?: The Future of the Evangelical-Republican Coalition
Rauner funds most of Durkins political operation, does Zs hiring signal that the GOP establishment in this state is finally starting to patch things up after that huge July crackup?
The end is called a "crackup boom": Citizens become suddenly aware of the fact that inflation is a deliberate policy and will go on endlessly.
(19.) Jonah Goldberg, "After Years of False Alarms, the 'Conservative Crackup' Has Arrived," National Review Online, January 27, 2016,, accessed January 29, 2016.
Summary: To understand why the current conservative crackup so confounds and confuses the Republican establishment, you have to recognize that the party is facing two separate revolts taking place simultaneously: one led by Ted Cruz, the other by Donald Trump.
"Scott Saul's Becoming Richard Pryor, the most detailed and rigorously researched work on the comic's life and performances, is not a complete biography; it ends with the 1980 cocaine crackup. ...
Sidney and Thurman Sewell, the 35-year-old actor's 'Spring Breakers' co-stars, said that they will team-up with Franco on a film based on Harmony Korine's book "A Crackup at the Race -Riots," which describes a world run by MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice, the New York Post reported.
The still-unfolding front story: Stevens is now on mood stabilizers, pulling his life together and, like a recovering alcoholic, making amends with friends and relatives he offended during his very public crackup. These reconciliations are chronicled through animation, mockumentary footage and interviews with people like prospective dates and the in-house shrink at comedy club here.
"With Americans weary of war, this could begin to change but it would presage a real crackup of the GOP," he said.
Europe has avoided a financial crackup. And the "fiscal cliff" deal has removed the most urgent threat to the US economy.
There are questions about whether North Korean scientists have corrected whatever caused the embarrassing crackup of its last rocket shortly after liftoff in April, and whether Pyongyang is willing to risk another failure -- along with UN condemnation and more sanctions.