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1. Present or in effect throughout a person's lifetime: cradle-to-grave health care.
2. Occurring or persisting from beginning to end: "the cradle-to-grave effects on the environment of making, using and disposing of a product" (Cynthia Crossen).
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What are the challenges in implementing a "cradle-to-grave" approach?
In version 4.3, managers and administrators can track an interaction from cradle-to-grave, with visual cues in the interface connecting independent conversations for customer interactions that have been transferred between agents.
The man who led its development, David Grewell, assistant professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, said: "An increased interest in bioplastics due to ecological and economical issues has promoted interest in analysis of their performance from a 'cradle-to-grave' perspective.
Air board Chairman Mary Nichols said the rule creates a "cradle-to-grave" approach to curb greenhouse gases.
When the NHS was launched on July 5, 1948 by then Labour health minister Aneurin Bevan, who would have imagined how this cradle-to-grave system would have looked in 2008?
This presentation is part of a larger research examination of potential CCA "cradle-to-grave" hazard, seeking to identify what changes, if any, are needed to strengthen regulation of CCA and its utilization in wood treated products.
If any college could profit from cradle-to-grave sports mania, it would certainly be the University of Arkansas, which has played a significant role in the run-up in coaches' salaries in the Southeastern Conference.
Whether or not a nation like Australia provides free cradle-to-grave health care, inequalities in that care in the case of indigenous and other marginalized people tends to bring the cradle far too close to the grace, Kaplan-Myrth (health and society, U.
The first is that we design products to be thrown "away" when, in fact, there is no "away," and cradle-to-grave designs foul our own nest.
The authority's 10 high schools will be replaced by seven cradle-to-grave learning centres, catering for all ages.
Even if federally collected student data were ascertained to be the most secure on the planet (doubtful in this day and age of almost daily large-scale security breaches of federally held individual data), the private colleges would still be against collection of individual student information based on the principle that we do not believe the price of enrolling in college should be permanent cradle-to-grave entry into a federal registry.
Acquisition program managers are responsible for leading a program through major milestones, which cover cradle-to-grave aspects of weapons systems and equipment, said Col.