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Work made or done by craftspeople.

craft′work′er n.


pl n
1. (Crafts) works of artistry or craft
2. (Crafts) the practice of a craft
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For those fascinated by indigenous patterns and craftwork, the exhibit is an excellent chance to get a close up look at traditional headwear.
For example, some students are very poor in math, chemistry and so on, but they would be very good in the craftwork and the technical work.
Delivery of various school supplies - various teaching and learning materials (notebooks, pens, various craftwork and materials, various textiles, textile yarns and knitting needles).
Young visitors listened to a story, did craftwork, played games and took away a competition - with all activities based on the Giants theme.
Natalie Hadjigeorgiou is the doyenne behind this huge installation project, a true labour of love which has taken her 10 months of hard renovation work resulting in a hugely welcoming bright, fresh, and airy place where local crafts and food stuffs can be purchased and at the same time visitors can get up close and personal with a glass cutter, weaver, wood carver, chair and basket maker and potter as they create unique one off pieces of quality craftwork.
TUNIS (TAP) - Some 800 Tunisian craftspeople took part in the 32 nd creative craftwork exhibition which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Habib Essid, Friday at the Kram Exhibition Grounds in Tunis.
Each has a stylish and subtly different design that combines exotic wood and rattan furniture, soft furnishings reflecting the traditions of eight Lao ethnic groups, and authentic art and craftwork by local artists and artisans.
Are you interested in craftwork, sewing or knitting?
Craftwork Techniques of the Native Americans by Scott Sutton.
They enjoyed a variety of practical sessions, including making nesting boxes, potting plants, craftwork, food preparation and cooking in the cafe.
KUWAIT, March 24 (KUNA) -- An exhibition of traditional craftwork is being held on the fringes of the 25th Arab Summit, due Tuesday, where the creativity and skillfulness of Arab craftspersons can be seen through their artifacts.
She grew up in one of the local Egyptian neighbourhoods famous for craftwork.