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adj. crag·gi·er, crag·gi·est
1. Having crags: craggy terrain.
2. Rugged and uneven: a craggy face.

crag′gi·ly adv.
crag′gi·ness n.
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Look at the ends and you're liable to see mild to overt cragginess, and also likely ends that aren't matching up across the split.
These end in a textured cragginess that gives dynamic energy and an ageless, weather beaten vitality to the concluding pieces.
Freeman's velvet warmth is the perfect match for Eastwood's granite cragginess.
TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] fear of the cragginess of Mount
For all Jones' cowboy skills and the convincing cragginess of his range- worn appearance, director Howard seems to feel that that ability to explore the film's complicated father-daughter dynamics was the actor's key contribution.