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v. crammed, cram·ming, crams
1. To force, press, or squeeze (something) into an insufficient or barely sufficient space; stuff.
a. To feed a large amount of food to (an animal).
b. To fill (oneself or one's stomach, for example) with food.
1. To move into and fully occupy a space: The students crammed into the tiny classroom.
2. To study hastily for an impending examination: was up all night cramming for the history midterm.
Hasty study for an imminent examination.

[Middle English crammen, from Old English crammian; see ger- in Indo-European roots.]

cram′mer n.


(Education) intensive study, esp in order to pass an exam
References in classic literature ?
I borrowed the money and paid to enter the senior class of a "cramming joint" or academy.
Came the several days of the examinations, during which time I scarcely closed my eyes in sleep, devoting every moment to cramming and reviewing.
my dear master," replied Planchet, "you know very well that your horse is the jewel of the family; that my lads are caressing it all day, and cramming it with sugar, nuts, and biscuits.
She remained at her father's house during the winter months, plucking fowls, or cramming turkeys and geese, or making clothes for her sisters and brothers out of some finery which d'Urberville had given her, and she had put by with contempt.
The poor girl was almost distracted: that quarter of the palace was all in an uproar; the servants ran for ladders; the monkey was seen by hundreds in the court, sitting upon the ridge of a building, holding me like a baby in one of his forepaws, and feeding me with the other, by cramming into my mouth some victuals he had squeezed out of the bag on one side of his chaps, and patting me when I would not eat; whereat many of the rabble below could not forbear laughing; neither do I think they justly ought to be blamed, for, without question, the sight was ridiculous enough to every body but myself.
THESE days job interviews are basically to check how efficient a candidate in cramming. They do not judge his personality, potential and experience.
That habit is called cramming. Students are not developing their reading and learning skill.
Attorneys general from 45 states have hailed this is a key breakthrough in the fight against mobile Relevant Products/Services cramming.
Any potential IT professional cramming for the CompTIA Security+SY0-301 exam will find this offers practice questions and all of the approaches needed to pass the exam the first time.
Don't get into the habit of cramming the bag with gloves, maps, checklists, knee boards, flashlights, books or other TA-50 stuff.
FORMER Olympic athlete Steve Cram was banned from driving yesterday for cramming too many people into his car.
You've known about it for more than a week and now you have 10 chapters to read and memorize, and you're cramming. When you glance at the clock, you realize it's 11 p.m.