crane's bill

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Noun1.crane's bill - any of numerous geraniums of the genus Geraniumcrane's bill - any of numerous geraniums of the genus Geranium
geranium - any of numerous plants of the family Geraniaceae
genus Geranium - genus of mostly North American geraniums: cranesbills
Geranium maculatum, spotted cranesbill, wild geranium - common wild geranium of eastern North America with deeply parted leaves and rose-purple flowers
Geranium pratense, meadow cranesbill - tall perennial cranesbill with paired violet-blue axillary flowers; native to northern parts of Old World and naturalized in North America
Geranium richardsonii, Richardson's geranium - geranium of western North America having branched clusters of white or pale pink flowers
Geranium robertianum, herb robert, herb roberts, herbs robert - a sticky low herb with small reddish-purple flowers; widespread in the northern hemisphere
Geranium viscosissimum, sticky geranium - geranium of western North America having pinkish-purple flowers in open clusters
dove's foot geranium, Geranium molle - western geranium with small pink flowers; a common weed on lawns and in vacant lots
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Hardy geraniums (or cranesbill as they are sometimes known due to the similarity of their long seed pods and crane's bill) are the staple of the herbaceous border or cottage garden.
Blodyn arall oedd yn cael ei ddefnyddio er cof ydi gweddw galarus (Geranium phaeum; Dusky crane's bill - llun ar y dde).
The damp meadow areas have an especially rich flora including several types of orchid, cuckoo-flower and meadow crane's bill.