cranial cavity

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Noun1.cranial cavity - the cavity enclosed by the cranium
bodily cavity, cavum, cavity - (anatomy) a natural hollow or sinus within the body
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The study concluded, incorrectly, that blacks believed themselves to be inferior to whites and that they were "by nature" subservient, lacking "initiative and resourcefulness" because, as stated in the report, "[t]he cranial cavity of the Negro is smaller than the white; his brain weighs 35 ounces contrasted with 45 for the white.
Glial choristomas are isolated masses of mature brain tissue that are found outside the spinal cord or cranial cavity.
However, often times because of the environment most of this runs straight through the cranial cavity of the intended recipient and they depart their appointment having no recollection of anything of value.
An increase in the volume of contents of the cranial cavity causes pressure on brain structures with potentially devastating consequences.
Ectopic meningiomas can present extracranially due to direct extension from cranial cavity.
By marking various "landmarks" - such as the orbits, cranial cavity and other bones in the skull - on each scan, researchers were able to track how the skull changed shape over millions of years.
The principal is to return the cerebral components in to the cranial cavity along with amputation of dysplastic tissue and closured of bony defect.
It extends into the cranial cavity throughout the distribution of the meninges, covering all neural structures (10).
Moreover, bone fragments in the cranial cavity, which previously had led to the head-injury theory, were from the spine, they discovered.