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An instrument or device used to measure the skull.

cra′ni·o·met′ric (-ə-mĕt′rĭk), cra′ni·o·met′ri·cal adj.
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Adj.1.craniometric - of or relating to craniometry
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Craniometric measurement of age-related changes have shown that several sizes of the cranium developed in response to muscular force, reproductive cessation, and whole-body aging in macaques (Van Minh et al., 2015).
Taxonomy of the African giant pouched rats (Nesomyidae: Cricetomys): molecular and craniometric evidence support an unexpected high species diversity.
2011; Klales & Kenyhercz 2015) and are shown to be comparable to craniometric methods in accurately estimating ancestry when appropriately analyzed (Hefner et al.
Well-known examples of craniometric points used, included the pterion, asterion, vertex of the skull, the lambda stephanion glabella and the opisthion.
Heritability of craniometric and occlusal variables: a longitudinal sib analysis.
Thus, a fundamental knowledge of normal anatomy and basic craniometric measurements for assessing craniovertebral relations is important to the clinician who diagnoses disorders affecting this region or the surgeon who operates on this anatomy [9].
Craniometric characteristics and sexual dimorphism were described in carnivore species in Europe (Petrov et al., 1992; Gittleman and Van Valkenburgh, 1997; Eisenmann and Van der Geer, 1999; Christiansen, 2008; Schutz et al., 2009; Hartova-Nentvichova et al., 2010; Milenkovic et al., 2010).
Twenty-eight craniometric measurements were taken on sixteen teaching