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n. craneoplastia, operación para reparar un defecto del cráneo, tal como un injerto óseo.
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The removed bone flap was then placed in a subcutaneous pocket overlying the abdomen for subsequent cranioplasty. The continuous sedation was tapered according to the needs of each patient and withheld on day five or six of the surgical decompression.
Unfortunately, these methods achieve a less-than-ideal cranioplasty because of the presence of a nonsterile field, subjecting the reconstruction to osteomyelitis, resorption, bacterial colonization, and soft-tissue erosion.
Cranioplasty with individual carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) medical grade implants based on CAD/CAM technique.
Less obvious examples of the use of ceramics as biomaterials are in neurosurgical cranioplasty repair of the skull bone defects, in hand arthroplasty of the metacarpophalangeal joint, in otolaryngology as implants in the middle ear, or the use of bioglass or hydroxyapatite materials in the treatment of vocal cord paralysis.
It is generally agreed that it is best to save and use the patient's own bone flap for replacement instead of using synthetic cranioplasty materials because the flaps are safe, efficient, and cost-effective (Iwana et al., 2003; Flannery & McConnell, 2001; Bruce & Bruce, 2003).
Among the possible indications for cranioplasty, the two commonly accepted ones, address issues of cerebral protection and appearance.
In 2003, Eppley et al reported a series of 62 patients who had undergone cranioplasty with Mimix hydroxyapatite; 5% of these patients developed an infection that required removal of the implant material.
Craniotomy and cranioplasty had been performed and tissue sent for histopathological examination in our department.
We have developed a new technique for reconstructive cranioplasty that involves the use of hydroxyapatite cement and a pericranial/deep temporal fascia graft.
The only surgery left for both these children is "cranioplasty" which rectifies any deformity or skull defect.
Four weeks after he was admitted he had a cranioplasty, returning the part of his skull that had been removed.