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n. craneoplastia, operación para reparar un defecto del cráneo, tal como un injerto óseo.
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Early composite cranioplasty in infants with severe aplasia cutis congenita: A report of two cases.
There is history of alleged RTA 3 years back for which he underwent left-sided frontotemporoparietal craniectomy followed by cranioplasty.
The operations needed included cranioplasty (n=2), craniotomy (n=28), debridement (n=3), decompressive craniotomy (n=7), shunt (n=2), and washout (n=1).
Secondly, the procedures patients require can include craniotomy, craniectomy, cranioplasty, cerebral angiography, external ventricular drain or subgaleal or lumbar spinal drain insertion, haematoma evacuations, tumour resections, intracranial pressure monitoring placement or deep brain stimulation placement for Parkinson's.
We conducted a cranioplasty, which is a procedure where the bone defect is reconstructed and an artificial bone is added to fill the defects after the fracture.
Cranioplasty is traditionally performed by neurosurgeons using the patient's own bone or by using implants made from inert plastic or metal materials, such as PEEK or titanium.
Morriston maxillofacial laboratory services manager Peter Llewelyn Evans said: "The software will enable maxillofacial surgeons and technicians to design a cranioplasty - where people have part of the skull missing and you want to repair that with a metal plate.
Therefore, this is the first report of the simultaneous performance of cranioplasty and posterior fusion of the craniovertebral junction.
Methods: The observational cross-sectional prospective study was conducted at the Neurosurgical Unit of the Combined Military Hospital, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, from July 2011, to June 2014, and comprised patients who underwent cranioplasty after decompressive hemicraniectomy for trauma.
All those patients who survived (DC) underwent cranioplasty that was timed ranging from 44-89 (66.