crank pin

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also crank pin  (krăngk′pĭn′)
A bar or cylinder in the arm of a crank to which a reciprocating member or connecting rod is attached.
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the oil is also directed in the form of spray from nozzle or splashed by a scoop or dipper on the big end to lubricate bearings at the big end of the connecting rod, crank pin, gudgeon pin, piston rings and cylinder.
As the piston, piston pin and connecting rod are changed for the shorter piston case, the influence on piston pin, crank pin needs to be re-assessed.
The Chemical Composition of crank pin material was analyzed using positive material identification x-ray fluorescence technique using Oxford instrumentation X-Met 7500 model.
Easy to install base, there is no phenomenon of overturn machine; in the meantime, there is no negative impact load on the reducer and crank pin; so it will not happen, such as fight gear in reducer, crank pin broken.
Main and crank pin bearings also are equipped with a micro-babbitt overlay that provides added start-up protection and corrosion resistance.
The oil passage then continues to another cavity (Figure 2a[6]), which is connected to the oil gallery inside the crank pin. The crank pin also has an inclined oil groove on its outer surface, and a connection is made between the oil groove outside of the crank pin and the oil gallery inside the crank pin via a radial oil-feeding hole (Figure 2a[7]-2a[8]).
One of the challenges of crank grinding relates to clamping the workpiece in the chuck so that the crank pin can be cylindrically ground.
Inconsistencies were occurring with the honed wrist and crank pin bores.
Hasegawa also continues to offer set pricing for replacement parts, including: safety head spring sets; discharge valve spring sets; suction valve spring sets; crank pin metal sets; unloader pin sets; unloader stop ring sets; oil relief valve packing sets; water-cooled oil cooler packing sets.
The same crank pin on the same crank shaft was measured about 60 times over a period of two weeks at a major automobile engine plant, using the same shopfloor gage.
Because its 90-degree cylinder angles broke free of the usual 60-degree arrangements found in other V6s, the new engine had to use proportionately larger crank pin bearings to withstand higher ignition pressure.