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n. pl. cran·nies
A small opening, as in a wall or rock face; a crevice.

[Middle English crani, perhaps alteration of Old French cren, cran, notch, from crener, to notch, from Vulgar Latin *crināre, probably of Gaulish origin and akin to Irish ara-chrin, he decays, fails, withers.]

cran′nied adj.


n, pl -nies
a narrow opening, as in a wall or rock face; chink; crevice (esp in the phrase every nook and cranny)
[C15: from Old French cran notch, fissure; compare crenel]
ˈcrannied adj


(ˈkræn i)

n., pl. -nies.
1. a small, narrow opening in a wall, rock, etc.; crevice.
2. an out-of-the-way place or corner; nook.
[1400–50; perhaps < Middle French crené, past participle of crener to notch, groove]
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Noun1.cranny - a long narrow depression in a surfacecranny - a long narrow depression in a surface
imprint, impression, depression - a concavity in a surface produced by pressing; "he left the impression of his fingers in the soft mud"
2.cranny - a small opening or crevice (especially in a rock face or wall)
hole - an opening into or through something


noun crevice, opening, hole, crack, gap, breach, rift, nook, cleft, chink, fissure, interstice The lizards fled into crannies in the rocks.


[ˈkrænɪ] Ngrieta f


[ˈkræni] n (= recess) → recoin m
see also nook


nRitze f, → Spalte f ? nook


(nuk) noun
a quiet, dark corner or place.
every nook and cranny
everywhere. They searched in every nook and cranny.
References in classic literature ?
Turning to the place from which the sound came I dimly saw a shadowy form which fled at my movement, squeezing itself through a cranny in the wall.
We searched every nook and cranny of barns and out-buildings and woods on both the King farms; we inquired far and wide; we roved over Carlisle meadows calling Paddy's name, until Aunt Janet grew exasperated and declared we must stop making such exhibitions of ourselves.
To lie on the wool-packs, with a cranny left between the curtains of the awning to let in the air, was luxury to Hetty now, and she half-slept away the hours till the driver came to ask her if she wanted to get down and have "some victual"; he himself was going to eat his dinner at this "public." Late at night they reached Leicester, and so this second day of Hetty's journey was past.
Just then I was absorbed in them only as a medium of escape, and so, as my gaze ran quickly, time and again, over their vast expanse in search of some cranny or crevice, I came suddenly to loathe them as the prisoner must loathe the cruel and impregnable walls of his dungeon.
At last he said, in a deep, husky voice, "Now, if aught of harm befalls thee because of this day's doings, I swear by Saint George that the red cock shall crow over the rooftree of this house, for the hot flames shall lick every crack and cranny thereof.
"I've moved the bureau and I've taken out the drawers and I've looked in every crack and cranny" was Marilla's positive answer.
Jameson, a Highland chief." It was truly the most open farce, and I wondered that the lawyer should care to keep it up; but, after all, it was quite in the taste of that age, when there were two parties in the state, and quiet persons, with no very high opinions of their own, sought out every cranny to avoid offence to either.
Birds in hot rooms, covered up close and dark, felt it was morning, and chafed and grew restless in their little cells; bright-eyed mice crept back to their tiny homes and nestled timidly together; the sleek house-cat, forgetful of her prey, sat winking at the rays of sun starting through keyhole and cranny in the door, and longed for her stealthy run and warm sleek bask outside.
The natural taste and true ear of David governed and modified the sounds to suit the confined cavern, every crevice and cranny of which was filled with the thrilling notes of their flexible voices.
For a moment, he seemed to hesitate and looked at Raoul; then he turned his eyes upward, toward the second cellar, which sent down the faint glimmer of a lantern, through a cranny between two boards.
ISLAMABAD -- Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said on Monday that the objective of "Plant for Pakistan campaign" was to make every nook and cranny of the country green.
ISLAMABAD -- Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan has said that the objective of "Plant for Pakistan" campaign is to make every nook and cranny of the country green.