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They were worked in the yards all the seven days of the week, and they had their prize fights and crap games on Sunday nights as well; but then around the corner one might see a bonfire blazing, and an old, gray-headed Negress, lean and witchlike, her hair flying wild and her eyes blazing, yelling and chanting of the fires of perdition and the blood of the "Lamb," while men and women lay down upon the ground and moaned and screamed in convulsions of terror and remorse.
('AgraFlora' or the 'Company') (CSE: AGRA) (Frankfurt: PU31) (OTCPK: AGFAF), a growth oriented and diversified international cannabis company, is pleased to announce that Natures Hemp Corp ('NHC'), a former portfolio company which was spun out to shareholders of AGRA in August of 2018, has acquired 100% of the assets of HapiFoods Group Inc., the founder of Holy Crap breakfast cereal.
DFAPHL ASPAC fire diplomatic protest over Chinese warship; drop the diplomatic crap; say it is ours period; they're trespassing.
But stuck at the bottom of the rather controversially-named 'Crap Tier' is the beloved Scottish staple haggis, which shares its lowly position alongside jellied eels, steak & kidney pudding and kippers as one of the dishes that fewer than 50 per cent of Brits enjoy.
Everyone, though, has experienced "oh, crap!" moments: the no-parking sign they didn't see, the crown the dentist says they need, the smartphone dropped in the toilet.
"Sale played really well, they played over the top of us, they were direct, they were magnificent, but we were crap. We were just crap.
The message on the funny clothing they offer never changes no matter how different the graphics are because there is one simple statement that unites them all; "life is crap." They started Life Is Crap as a parody because they were tired of people saying that life is good.
Aitzaz said that Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz (PML-N) candidate from this constituency Sheikh Rohail Asghars lawyer had also affirmed that there was nothing but crap in those polling bags.
Now if I read another book, one of them will just get pushed out and what if the book I'd just read was crap? I've have to read another book to get rid of that book, but it'll push one of the good books out because the crap one would be tucked at the back of my mind shelf.
New Zealand Labour Party leader Andrew Little demanded that Prime Minister John Key "cut the crap" and apologise to the people for his association with the Security Intelligence Service.
Dear David and George Osborne have turned their backs on 'green crap', but are quite happy to rain 'poisonous crap' on South Wales residents for years to come!