crap up

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crap 1

 (krăp) Vulgar Slang
1. Excrement.
2. An act of defecating.
3. Foolish, deceitful, or boastful language.
4. Cheap or shoddy material.
5. Miscellaneous or disorganized items; clutter.
6. Insolent talk or behavior.
7. Used for intensive effect in idioms such as beat the crap out of (someone) for beat (someone) very badly.
intr.v. crapped, crap·ping, craps
To defecate.
Used to express anger or displeasure.
Phrasal Verb:
crap up
To make a mess of; bungle.

[Middle English crappe, chaff, from Old French crappe, from Medieval Latin crappa, perhaps of Germanic origin.]

crap 2

1. See craps.
2. A losing first throw in the game of craps.
v. crapped, crap·ping, craps
To make a losing throw in the game of craps. Usually used with out.
Phrasal Verb:
crap out Slang
1. To fail to keep a commitment or promise: crapped out on me when I needed him.
2. To fail to function properly: The old TV crapped out again.
3. To leave: crapped out of the meeting early.

[Back-formation from craps.]
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Verb1.crap up - become obstructed or chocked up; "The drains clogged up"
clog, clog up, congest, choke off, foul, back up, choke - become or cause to become obstructed; "The leaves clog our drains in the Fall"; "The water pipe is backed up"