crape myrtle

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crape myrtle

also crepe myrtle
A deciduous shrub (Lagerstroemia indica) native to China and widely cultivated in warm regions for its showy clusters of variously colored flowers with crinkled petals.
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crape myrtle


crepe myrtle

(Plants) an oriental lythraceous shrub, Lagerstroemia indica, cultivated in warm climates for its pink, red, or white flowers
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(or crepe′) myr`tle

a tall, ornamental Chinese shrub, Lagerstroemiaindica, of the loosestrife family, having clusters of crinkled pink, purple, or white flowers.
[1840–50, Amer.]
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Noun1.crape myrtle - ornamental shrub from eastern India commonly planted in the southern United States
genus Lagerstroemia, Lagerstroemia - shrubs or small trees of tropical Asia and Africa usually with showy white, pink, or purplish flowers
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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Bailey has introduced a white-flowering crape myrtle shrub Lunar Magic that will cycle into bloom every 40 days or so.
He lingered by the crape myrtle tree in the middle of the backyard.
Discovery and spread of Eriococcus lagerstroemiae Kuwana (Hemiptera: Eriococcidae), a new invasive pest of crape myrtle, Lagerstroemia spp.
The tablescape is a feast for the eyes beneath a canopy of greenery and soft crape myrtle blooms with multi-colored garden roses and lime hypericum berries at each setting as well as in the center of the table that is covered in a vibrant chintz tablecloth.
On Saturday, November 4, the eighteen volunteers gave 72 hours of service in planting bur oak, bald cypress, cedar elm and crape myrtle trees.
The AFLP technique has been widely used for linkage mapping in many plants including sweetpotato (Kriegner et al., 2003), velvetbean (Capo-Chichi et al., 2004), apple (Kenis and Keulemans, 2005), wintersweet (Chen and Chen, 2010), crape myrtle (He et al., 2014), and Eucommia ulmoides (Wang et al., 2014).
A striking type of pink crape myrtle could soon be gracing lawns and gardens in southern Florida because of a chance discovery by Agricultural Research Service scientists.
The peeling bark of river birch, paperbark maple and crape myrtle and the smooth steel-gray trunks of American beech are also eye-catching.
With such superlative qualities, it seems unthinkable that the crape myrtle would fall victim to the mistake of over trimming.
Inspectors from the Napa County Agricultural Commissioner's office identified glassy-winged sharpshooter (GWSS) eggs during a routine inspection of crape myrtle trees sent to Northern California by a nursery in San Diego County, Calif.
Q: My crape myrtle tree has had a fungal infection untreated for many years.