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n. Vulgar Slang
A toilet.

[From crap.]


slang a toilet


(ˈkræp ər)

n. Slang: Usu. Vulgar.
a toilet or bathroom.
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Noun1.crapper - a plumbing fixture for defecation and urinationcrapper - a plumbing fixture for defecation and urination
bathroom, bath - a room (as in a residence) containing a bathtub or shower and usually a washbasin and toilet
flushless toilet - a toilet that relies on bacteria to break down waste matter (instead of using water)
flush toilet, lavatory - a toilet that is cleaned of waste by the flow of water through it
plumbing fixture - a fixture for the distribution and use of water in a building
potty chair, potty seat - toilet consisting of a small seat used by young children
john, lav, lavatory, privy, toilet, bathroom, can - a room or building equipped with one or more toilets
toilet bowl - the bowl of a toilet that can be flushed with water
toilet seat - the hinged seat on a toilet
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30) has a terriic record at Ascot and is fancied to get the better of the useful omas Crapper in the novices' chase.
Market leaders Thomas Crapper, second over hurdles here in 2014, and last-timeout Cheltenham scorer Generous Ransom head along shortlist, with Horizontal Speed and Cocktails At Dawn also likely dangers.
Robin Dickin's THOMAS CRAPPER can finally get his head in front over fences in the finale, the CHAPS Restaurants Barbados Novices' Handicap Chase (5.
Vibrato Valtat beat Thomas Crapper on his first start over the bigger obstacles in a rather cheeky way and has since scored twice from his next three starts while Top Gamble probably represents the best chance Richard Lee has had for many years in adding to his two previous Festival successes.
6 on the Richter scale devastates Los Angeles in the USA, killing more than 20 BORN MUHAMMAD Ali, boxing champion, 1942, above AL Capone, American gangster, 1899 VIDAL Sassoon, hairdressser, 1928 DIED BOBBY Fischer, chess champion, 2008 RUTHERFORD B Hayes, US president, 1893 THOMAS Crapper, toilet flush inventor, 1910
Brian Hughes had the John Ferguson-trained fiveyear-old just off the pace set by the more experienced Thomas Crapper before taking closer order in the straight.
Brian Hughes had the John Ferguson-trained five-year-old just off the pace set by the more experienced Thomas Crapper before taking closer order in the straight.
A CRASH which killed popular character Les Crapper happened when the car coming in the opposite direction was on the wrong side of the road.
At just a few inches high, the Thomas Crapper & Company toilet, pictured, is going on show at the giant NEC's Miniatura show which starts this Saturday.
David Lesley Crapper, 56, died from his injuries at Ysbyty Gwynedd Hospital in Bangor yesterday morning.
In his book, 'At Home: A Short History Of Private Life', Bill Bryson, 58, also revealed how Queen Elizabeth's godson John Harington built the first toilet, and how Thomas Crapper made his fortune from flushing loos.
The brand is teaming with actors and real-life married couple Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott today, Thomas Crapper Day(i), to determine how America rolls so that it can put an end to the "Great Debate" for good.