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1. Sickness caused by excessive eating or drinking.
2. Excessive indulgence; intemperance.

[From crapulent, sick from gluttony, from Late Latin crāpulentus, very drunk, from Latin crāpula, intoxication, from Greek kraipalē.]

crap′u·lent adj.
crap′u·lous adj.


(ˈkræpjʊlənt) or


1. given to or resulting from intemperance
2. suffering from intemperance; drunken
[C18: from Late Latin crāpulentus drunk, from Latin crāpula, from Greek kraipalē drunkenness, headache resulting therefrom]
ˈcrapulence n
ˈcrapulently, ˈcrapulously adv
ˈcrapulousness, crapulosity n
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Adj.1.crapulent - suffering from excessive eating or drinking; "crapulent sleep"; "a crapulous stomach"
gluttonous - given to excess in consumption of especially food or drink; "over-fed women and their gluttonous husbands"; "a gluttonous debauch"; "a gluttonous appetite for food and praise and pleasure"


Stupefied, excited, or muddled with alcoholic liquor:
Informal: cockeyed, stewed.
Idioms: drunk as a skunk, half-seas over, high as a kite, in one's cups, three sheets in the wind.
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At one point, the corpulent and crapulent Frank begged Paul Simon for a handout.
Crapulent piece tells us Sunnis are an ethnicity & Jerusalem is a Sunni city "in the hands of others"
But now he's decided on a career change and the nation has lost a qualified Apache pilot, he has to be given a proper job or he'll end up a ginger version of Prince Andrew, corpulent, crapulent, and cruising for trouble.