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Capable of withstanding the effects of a crash: crashworthy cars.

crash′wor′thi·ness n.


(Automotive Engineering) the ability of a vehicle structure to withstand a crash
ˈcrashˌworthy adj


(ˈkræʃˌwɜr ði nɪs)

the ability of a car or other vehicle to withstand a crash with minimal bodily injury to its occupants.
crash′wor`thy, adj.
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Providing buyers with an overall assessment of a vehicle crashworthiness would prod manufacturers to make better cars.
The use of aftermarket parts for cosmetic repairs has no effect on the crashworthiness of a vehicle," Fuller wrote.
LS-DYNA is used by automobile manufacturers in simulations, which are run to optimize vehicle crashworthiness and ensure that autos meet government safety regulations.
Those include braking, ride quality, visibility for passengers, crashworthiness, handling, luggage carrying capability, fuel economy and acceleration.
Euro NCAP, an independent European consortium, published a new report on May 28 on the latest series of crashworthiness tests for cars.
The results will help wheelchair manufacturers improve the crashworthiness of their designs.
Coben is nationally known for litigating high profile brain and spinal cord injury cases, concentrating on helmet failure and crashworthiness, including seat belt and seat back failure, failure of air bags to deploy, ejection and sudden acceleration.
Auto Business News-December 15, 2017--Fiat Punto receives zero stars in Euro NCAP's crashworthiness evaluation
For crashworthiness, the Honda HR-V, a small SUV, scored either "good" or "acceptable.
This latest order which was confirmed on September 1 includes TSI-compliant third-generation units meeting EN 15227 crashworthiness standards which provide more protection to the driver.
Parameter analyses were performed to reveal the influence of four geometrical variables on the crashworthiness of the TTWTs.
The topics include the elasto-plastic and damage analysis of trusses subjected to cyclic loading, damage index proposal applied to quasi-fragile materials simulated using the lattice discrete element method, the parametric identification of a damage model for predicting the lifetime of adhesively bonded joints, the influence of residual stresses on the damage of composite laminates under tensile loading, and developing a unified visco-plastic damage model to analyze the crashworthiness of boron steel safety components with tailored microstructures.