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Mauritius, beautiful appearance of -- Great crateriform ring of Mountains -- Hindoos -- St.
There appears to me to be insuperable objections to this view: on the other hand, I can hardly believe, in this and in some other cases, that these marginal crateriform mountains are merely the basal remnants of immense volcanos, of which the summits either have been blown off, or swallowed up in subterranean abysses.
The patient had 3 confluent, but distinct, lesions on her forehead: an erythematous crateriform nodule with overlying hyperkeratotic scale (FIGURE, Lesion A); a nodular hyperpigmented plaque with irregular color and borders (Lesion B); and a pearly well-vascularized erythematous nodule with surrounding hemorrhagic crust (Lesion C).
Types of burn wounds (N=34) * Type of wound n (%) Crateriform 16 (47.1) Blistering 15 (44.1) Parchment-like lesion 11 (32.4) Crocodile skin 2 (5.9) Charring 2 (5.9) * Many victims had more than one type of burn wound.
The center of the lesion may rarely appear crateriform and even ulcerated [3-5].
The nodule had a crateriform black central area and peripheral scaling (Fig.
Keratosis palmaris et plantaris presents as small crateriform pits on the creases of the palms and soles, it is more frequent in Afro-Caribbean's Afro-Caribbeans.24 Focal acral hyperkeratosis is characterized by oval or polygonal papules, with a central pigmented pit situated at the borders of the palms and soles is found exclusively in black Africans.25
Keratoacanthoma (KA) was first described by Hutchinson as a "crateriform ulcer of the face" [1].
The keratoacanthoma type of SCC can grow very rapidly, over several weeks and classically forms a crateriform nodule with a central keratotic core.
In addition, it is characterized by its symmetric and crateriform architecture with the central keratin plug, and cells have a characteristic glassy pale eosinophilic cytoplasm usually with only mild cytologic atypia.
The base of the horn may be flat, nodular or crateriform. The horn composed of compacted Keratin.
When a short clinical evolution is noted and the lesion has a crateriform architecture, the features relate more to keratoacanthoma (vide infra).