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Characterized by abject fear; cowardly.
A coward.

[Middle English cravant, perhaps from Old French crevant, present participle of crever, to burst, from Latin crepāre, to break.]

cra′ven·ly adv.
cra′ven·ness n.
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Noun1.cravenness - meanspirited cowardice
cowardice, cowardliness - the trait of lacking courage
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[ˈkreɪvənnɪs] N (liter) → cobardía f
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Yet, there is more at stake here than just the incompetence of some in government and the cravenness of the state when challenged by religious bigots and demagogues.
While I do not necessarily believe we haven't descended so far into cravenness as to embrace the appeasement of a monster like Hitler, I do believe that, for failing to defend the truth with every fibre of our being, we will come to be the 21 st century's "Guilty Men [And Women]".
Look between the lines of In Trump We Trust, and you'll find the battle drawn along fronts rarely named in current political reporting: the Trump insurgency as a challenge to the political empire of the Koch brothers-Coulter's argument against what she sees as the cravenness of the GOP and its "plutocrats" is a thinly veiled attack on the super-rich siblings.
The sheer cravenness of Filipino politics-the porousness of parties and platforms and the persistent dominance of personalities in their stead-also accounts for why the idea of shifting to a parliamentary form of government, with stable political parties at its center, has never taken hold here.
Perhaps it is easy to be wary of this film, to cynicize it in a way because what else have those who reveal themselves and their shortcomings onscreen become but another commodity?--as though their cravenness for fame, to become commodifiable, so easily translates into some sort of documented tell-all because to speak of horrors is still to speak of something.
Though held apart by seven centuries, the women prove kindred: both are in search of something more than the droning cushiness of their privileged lives; neither defines their pilgrimage in strict terms of religious adherence; both are married to usurers whose cravenness troubles them; both find mentors, and in their mentors, love.
Consider the cravenness of the Congress: After having ridiculed Kejriwal all along, Sonia and Rahul, speaking though a thick fog of defeat on December 8 promised to do their homework and in the next move, the Congress, in a masterstroke aimed at thwarting the BJP's attempt at forming the government in Delhi, extended its unconditional support to the P on the grounds that governance is above all political considerations.
For a few moments in mid-October, the nation will have a chance to enjoy a break from the cravenness of the presidential campaigning by observing the 100th anniversary of Woody Guthrie's birth.
Despite his carefully cultivated image as the last southern man, all backbone and principle, Thurmond throughout his career sold out in spectacular moments of cravenness. His calculated decision to back Nixon over George Wallace in 1968 was another of those moments.
Favoritism, sycophancy, levity and a cravenness too base to be characterized, have made its [sic] highest standpoint a tower of strengths from which its influence on imitative persons, according to the degree to which their blood is diluted, operates in a manner which some deplore, and all can but too well appreciate.
With the triumph of 'numbers', and the replacement of the craft worker by 'brainless, incompetent automatons', the individual had become subjugated to 'the inertia, the cravenness, the utter submission of the mass'.
But still Wajda was able to veer from the Party line and create a more complex, neurotic, and (in one telling scene), antisemitic character, Jasio, who can shift from cravenness to being heroically intrepid while fighting the Nazis.