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v. craved, crav·ing, craves
1. To have an intense desire for. See Synonyms at desire.
2. To beg earnestly for: Your Honor, I crave the court's indulgence in this matter.
To have an intense desire for something

[Middle English craven, from Old English crafian, to beg.]

crav′er n.
crav′ing·ly adv.
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Highlighting the big 14-run inning were a triple from Emily Parrott, doubles from Maddie Craver, Grace Huff and Mandy Logan and singles from Chase Friel (2), Amanda Stanczuk, Logan and Parrott.
Craver: "Our goal is to build the system that would put water along Old Worcester Road, Mugget Hill Road and service our schools.
"We just work really well as a team and we encourage each other to keep the energy up," Craver said.
Craver's office, the first-year SWCCC cost for Charlton is $294,673.
Craver, the head librarian at Washington D.C.'s National Cathedral School, has compiled a guide for students working in nineteenth-century U.S.
Prior to joining Accuro, Craver was the founder of Spring Forward Group, LLC in Cary, N.C., and held various human resources, business development and leadership roles with PeopleSource, Inc., Manpower Professional and Nortel Networks.
Craver had a 2-run double down the right field line, Huff belted a 2-run single to center and Reed raced home on a wild pitch.
Craver said the purchase of both trucks from KME made for "great discounts.''
Palatine senior third baseman Maddie Craver collected her 200th career hit on Wednesday when the Pirates softball team topped host Conant 9-3 to set up a showdown for first place in the Mid-Suburban West.
Email: 212-981-8400 DIRECT MAIL CONSULTING CRAVER CREATIVE SERVICES "One of the very best fundraising copywriters in America"--Richard Wong, CEO.
"At this point in the season, we've got to give it all we've got to stay alive," said Pirates senior third baseman Maddie Craver. "As a senior it's especially emotional because we don't want our high school career to end.