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Kubota's M8540 Power Krawler narrow-cab tractor brings the benefits of a rear crawler track to an M8540 narrow-cab tractor chassis, increasing traction and stability while maintaining low clearance, reduced overall width, and high horsepower in a compact tractor.
The new narrow cab crawler, introduced in July, brings the benefits of a rear crawler track to a M8540 narrow chassis, increasing traction and stability and providing less soil compaction.
A round tube-type radiator at the front, blending into a long, half-round hood over the engine, and a round gas tank at the rear, resembling a steam traction engine boiler minus its smoke box, were supported by two wide-set wheels at the front and a single, low crawler track centered at the rear.
From a NASA crawler track shoe to a Harley-Davidson oil tank, the castings all had panache and flair.
Called the Bean 6-10 TrackPull, the little tractor had a single crawler track at the front.
The suspended cab is mounted on a B5 type crawler track, enabling the machine to traverse challenging terrain.