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adj. crawl·i·er, crawl·i·est Informal
1. Creepy.
2. Feeling as if covered with moving things.


adj, crawlier or crawliest
informal feeling or causing a sensation like creatures crawling on one's skin


(ˈkrɔ li)

adj. crawl•i•er, crawl•i•est.
crawling, as worms or insects, and imparting a queasy feeling; creepy.
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Informal. Experiencing a repugnant tingling sensation:
Informal: creepy.
References in classic literature ?
We talked the murder and the ghost over and over again, and got so creepy and crawly we couldn't get sleepy nohow and noway.
I have a queer, creepy, crawly feeling -- you can call it a presentiment, if you like -- that `Patty's Place' and I are going to be better acquainted yet.
I don't know whether I passed in it or not and I have a creepy, crawly presentiment that I didn't.
Why, eating live things, and horrid bugs, and crawly ants.
Harvey, jammed among the fishermen, felt a creepy, crawly, tingling thrill that began in the back of his neck and ended at his boots.
Pictures of the giant creepy crawly were also shared online, with one person writing: "Hope this lad isn't still running round Cootehill Peter.
For instance, he found eating worms and other crawly creatures really bizarre-despite the fact that they're a pretty standard source of protein in quite a number of countries, including our own.
creepy crawly Dundas Shopping Centre in Middlesbrough is providing a petting zoo with "Creepy Crawly" animals and free kids' arts and crafts this Wednesday.
The Gardens will focus activities on all things creepy and crawly - so that means plenty of pond-dipping and bug hunting for the little ones.
Prior Information Notice: Purchase, transportation and installation of existing exposure - creepy crawly.
A SAVVY student has created a creepy crawly cooker kit to encourage people to eat insects as part of their daily diet.
Several states have named crawly things, including the Texas Toad, as official state amphibians, to bring attention to endangered species.