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adj. creak·i·er, creak·i·est
1. Tending to creak.
2. Shaky or infirm, as with age; decrepit: creaky knee joints; a creaky regime.
3. Linguistics Of or relating to a speech sound that is produced with the vocal cords loosely compressed, resulting in irregular, very low-pitched voicing.

creak′i·ly adv.
creak′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.creakily - in a creaky manner; "the old boat was moving along creakily"
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She pushed up the sash--it went up stiffly and creakily, as if it hadn't been opened for a long time, which was the case; and it stuck so tight that nothing was needed to hold it up.
Several farm waggons and carts were moving creakily along the road to Addlestone, and suddenly through the gate of a field we saw, across a stretch of flat meadow, six twelve- pounders standing neatly at equal distances pointing towards Woking.
At the Berbera port, dozens of containers are stacked on a sun-scorched platform and a few cranes creakily transfer sacks of sorghum and other goods from a rusting cargo ship.
Yuri creakily raises herself from the floor and brings down a small jewelry box from her drawer.
Dropping centurion Joe Root on nought, moving creakily throughout and failing to find his batting form makes for a poor contribution.
Creakily plotted over the course of its rise-and-fall-and-rise-again trajectory, this partly Chinese-funded production may land enough visceral blows to catch on with audiences on its July 24 release through the Weinstein Co., but seems less likely to attain the prestige-hit status of superior recent efforts like "Million Dollar Baby" and "The Fighter."
The episodic story shifts creakily back and forth in time.
Look to any direction, and in sight is only disconcerting administrative disarray, a wobbling bureaucracy living on ad-hocery for the most part, and chugging on creakily. Scores of key top positions in key departments, offices and autonomous bodies are amazingly as yet lying vacant, with the hierarchy just sitting pretty, showing no concern or worry over this intrinsically disastrous state of affairs is having on the overall efficacy and effectiveness of its governance.
37 JONATHAN WOODGATE June 2007, loan then PS7m NOW the Teesside tackler is viewed creakily as a permanent injury scare - but when he first arrived from Real Madrid it was a major transfer coup.
He slumped creakily out of bed, sadly regretting that his leaping out of bed days were long gone, yawned his way to his Aston Martin and drove directly to M16 headquarters.
Real houses were dark red brick, they stood together, fight up against each other, packed with families in apartments--you could call out the window to the children downstairs to come home for supper, or the buzzer would ring, the elevator would slide up hesitantly and creakily, slow and dependable while the person in it collected her thoughts.
Creakily Comedy Festival, Various venues Ten days of some of the finest comedians in the country.