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intr.v. creaked, creak·ing, creaks
1. To make a grating or squeaking sound.
2. To move with a creaking sound.
A grating or squeaking sound.

[Middle English creken, croak, complain, of imitative origin.]

creak′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.creakingly - in a creaky manner; "the old boat was moving along creakily"
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And others are there who go along heavily and creakingly, like carts taking stones downhill: they talk much of dignity and virtue--their drag they call virtue!
Finally he stumbled upon the right combination, and the door swung creakingly open before his astonished eyes.
At this moment the door, very slowly and creakingly, began to open, and Sylvie and Bruno jumped up, and ran to meet the well-known footstep.
Soon the great doors commenced slowly to swing creakingly open, and presently, as they separated, the girl saw behind them the motive force which operated the massive doors--to each door a half-dozen naked Negroes.
With a nervous giggle, Annie took herself creakingly out of the room.
I bought a copy direct from Ramos himself in what looks to be the next step for distributing books: direct selling, bypassing the bookstores' steep margins and creakingly slow distribution system.
The process can take anywhere from one to 10 years to wind through the creakingly slow and overburdened Philippine court system, costing at least $4,800.
For years they had avoided investing in India, put off by a creakingly slow legal system and a labyrinthine bureaucracy.