cream puff

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cream puff

also cream·puff (krēm′pŭf′)
1. A shell of light pastry filled with whipped cream, custard, or ice cream.
2. Slang A weakling.
3. Slang An old, especially secondhand car in very good condition.

cream puff



1. (Cookery) a shell of light pastry with a custard or cream filling
2. informal offensive an effeminate man

cream′ puff`

1. a light, hollow pastry filled with custard or whipped cream.
2. a weak or timid person.
3. a vehicle or machine that has been kept in unusually good condition.
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Noun1.cream puff - puff filled with cream or custard
puff - a light inflated pastry or puff shell
eclair - oblong cream puff
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If a cream puff owner wants to sell the car for its true value, $5,000, the owner has to convey the information concerning the car's type in a way the buyer will believe.
Kennedy when he delivered his famous Cold War speech at the Berlin Wall trying to say to the crowd in pigeon German that he was a Berliner, only to be told later that he actually said "I am a cream puff.
These delectable recipes, ranging from the standard to the exotic, are irresistible: Tricolor Neapolitan Cookies, Chocolate Cream Puff Cookies, Cherry Nut Biscotti, Cinnamon Nut Rugelah, Raspberry Chocolate Chip Crackles, and Diced Rhubarb Cookies are just a few of the delights included here.
But in Mrs Malaprop, the pretentious aunt of over-romantic heroine Lydia Languish, Sheridan created one of the great comic characters, here wonderfully recreated by Stephanie Cole as a kind of powdered cream puff busily mangling the language with her fluent linguistic approximations.
His own successful compositions included Cream Puff, The Chant, Non-Stop Flight and later his Concerto for Clarinet.
Gloria lifted the world title after Cream Puff, of Texas, died at 37 in 2004.
He makes / of me a dream house, a cream puff, / my rough-hewn timber smoothed.
14 Park, inside the South entrance of the Cream Puff Pavilion.
CHARLIE HILLS took the cream puff and branded the ground on Sandown's Flat track "a joke" saying he would not support the track's opening mixed meeting again after his Classic hope Commemorative trailed in a remote last of four.
I am madly in love with pate a choux, cream puff dough.
With a majestic view of the Gulf, the big new Fin's restaurant at Sharky's on the Pier is in danger of having the food eclipsed by the setting, but a recent dinner ending in an enormous strawberry cream puff captured my full attention.