cream puff

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cream puff

also cream·puff (krēm′pŭf′)
1. A shell of light pastry filled with whipped cream, custard, or ice cream.
2. Slang A weakling.
3. Slang An old, especially secondhand car in very good condition.
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cream puff



1. (Cookery) a shell of light pastry with a custard or cream filling
2. informal offensive an effeminate man
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cream′ puff`

1. a light, hollow pastry filled with custard or whipped cream.
2. a weak or timid person.
3. a vehicle or machine that has been kept in unusually good condition.
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Noun1.cream puff - puff filled with cream or custard
puff - a light inflated pastry or puff shell
eclair - oblong cream puff
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This day is best associated with the pastries served, and the popular ones are zeppole (doughnuts) and sfinge (cream puffs).
Life in Paris, however, isn't all cream puffs and crepes.
Her specialty was cream puffs, and Berthy says he never forgot the "exquisite taste" of her creations, which gave him "the drive and passion to open his first store in Paris in January 2013."
As it turns out, cream puffs have been made and sold by the Wisconsin Baker's Association since 1924 at a rate of more than 350,000 a year.
Though I recall counters of steel, aluminum, and formica; swiveling seats; and uniformed waitresses, my clearest memory is of the treats that I will forever associate with Sanders--chocolate malteds and hot fudge cream puffs. Detroiters all know about the distinctive blend of cream puff, ice cream, and the unique flavor of Sanders milk chocolate fudge.
Baileys Profiteroles Cream Puffs with Baileys flavoured filling (260g) Iceland, PS2 or two for PS3 SAVE: PS1 ?
To end the meal, we had the biggest cream puffs we have ever seen.
Park Caf` at Museum of Islamic Art has customised 'Cream Puffs' called 'Al Adaam', which have been prepared specially to celebrate National Day with a design inspired by Qatar's national flag.
The buttery, chocolate-filled puff pastry may be the most popular option, but Liliha also serves green tea and chantilly cream puffs.
The caf's menu will include customised 'Cream Puffs' called 'Al Adaam', which have been prepared specially to celebrate National Day with a design inspired by Qatar's national flag.
Guests can savour a selection of finger sandwiches and local pastries to be combined with a delicious cream puffs bar, served in the cosy and elegant Eiffel Rotunda.