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adj. cream·i·er, cream·i·est
Rich in or resembling cream.

cream′i·ly adv.
cream′i·ness n.
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Noun1.creaminess - the property of having the thickness of heavy cream
thickness - resistance to flow
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قِشْديَّة ، دَسَميَّـه
det at være cremetdet at være flødeagtig
bársonyosságbõ tejszíntartalomkrémszerûség


[ˈkriːmɪnɪs] Ncremosidad f
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(kriːm) noun
1. the yellowish-white oily substance that forms on the top of milk, and from which butter and cheese are made.
2. any of many substances made of, or similar to, cream. ice-cream; face-cream.
3. the best part; the top people. the cream of the medical profession.
4. (also adjective) (of) a yellowish-white colour. cream paint.
1. to make into a cream-like mixture. Cream the eggs, butter and sugar together.
2. to take the cream off. She creamed the milk.
3. (with off) to select (the best). The best pupils will be creamed off for special training.
ˈcreamy adjective
1. full of, or like, cream. creamy milk.
2. smooth and white. a creamy complexion.
ˈcreaminess noun
cream of tartar
an ingredient in baking powder.
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The surprising addition of cottage cheese tethered all the ingredients together with a silky creaminess. Room-temperature dough is much easier to shape than cold, so pull the dough from the fridge about 1 hour before you start cooking.
We haven't even talked about Mang Inasal's Sizzling Meaty Sarap Pork Sisig, Meatynamnam Palabok, and Dabest sa Creaminess Pinoy Halo-Halo!
One classic technique is to stir this lees intermittently back into the wine which then picks up additional flavours and creaminess. In the case of our chardonnay this stirring took place for 80 days.
It still has the sweet liqueur kick, but is lighter on the creaminess. We liked the three serving ideas on the bottle too.
So you can taste the crunch in their fruit, the punch in the tea, and the creaminess in the fresh milk.
may, the hawthorn, whose urine-scented creaminess lolls
The creaminess of the dill mayonnaise balanced the smoky flavor of the salmon.
Consisting of tandoori chicken, the butter chicken was legit having a good combination of creaminess and tang.
2 WESTEND ESTATE NO 1 CHARDONNAY 2016 Riverina, Australia (PS10.99, Laithwaites) CITED as their bestselling Aussie chard, it's easy to see how this extremely flavoursome, fresh, zippy style more than delivers, with its aromas of melon, peach and honeysuckle and tiers of creamy white peach, melon and lightly toasty oak, with a lick of vanilla and nutty creaminess on the mouth-watering finish.
There's a subtle creaminess on the palate and a good kick of acidity.
Tesco Finest Yarra Valley Chardonnay (PS11, 12.5% abv) is fermented and aged in barrels and has a beautiful balance of acidity and tropical fruit with a delicate creaminess and a touch of spice.