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adj. cream·i·er, cream·i·est
Rich in or resembling cream.

cream′i·ly adv.
cream′i·ness n.
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Noun1.creaminess - the property of having the thickness of heavy cream
thickness - resistance to flow
قِشْديَّة ، دَسَميَّـه
det at være cremetdet at være flødeagtig
bársonyosságbõ tejszíntartalomkrémszerûség


[ˈkriːmɪnɪs] Ncremosidad f


(kriːm) noun
1. the yellowish-white oily substance that forms on the top of milk, and from which butter and cheese are made.
2. any of many substances made of, or similar to, cream. ice-cream; face-cream.
3. the best part; the top people. the cream of the medical profession.
4. (also adjective) (of) a yellowish-white colour. cream paint.
1. to make into a cream-like mixture. Cream the eggs, butter and sugar together.
2. to take the cream off. She creamed the milk.
3. (with off) to select (the best). The best pupils will be creamed off for special training.
ˈcreamy adjective
1. full of, or like, cream. creamy milk.
2. smooth and white. a creamy complexion.
ˈcreaminess noun
cream of tartar
an ingredient in baking powder.
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This dish has a lilting creaminess in its saucing while the chicken chosen for it is undoubtedly good-quality white meat, moist and rewarding with each bite.
Saporesse Plus (242) builds mouthfeel and creaminess and also delivers a rounded, mature cheese note.
A complex mix of ripe melon and nuttiness with a mellow creaminess and a sharp, dry finish
What was so unique about Caffrey's when it first launched was its famous creaminess.
Consumers have become more discerning than ever where taste and texture are concerned, so PrimaCel's ability to deliver creaminess, clean flavor, light texture, pourability AND an outstanding mouthfeel is critical.
The project team concluded that Purafarin[R] rounds off taste, improves creaminess and enhances flavour and is also visually very appealing.
A massive oaky/citrus bite spars with velvety creaminess.
There's still that welcome hint of nuttiness, but it's goodbye creaminess in this low-fat beverage.
Calder's Cream Ale combines the creaminess of a stout, the smoothness of a bitter and the refreshment of a lager, to create a real tastebud sensation
And producers of reduced-calorie pourable dressings, sauces and frozen desserts use PASELLI SA2 in their formulations because it retains the smooth texture of fats and oils and actually enhances the creaminess of the product.
Milk Link have launched its new smooth and creamy tasting chocolate flavoured milk, Chocolate Creaminess.
There's a bit of breeding in this very dry drop which combines creaminess with a dry hazelnut smack.