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adj. cream·i·er, cream·i·est
Rich in or resembling cream.

cream′i·ly adv.
cream′i·ness n.
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Noun1.creaminess - the property of having the thickness of heavy cream
thickness - resistance to flow
قِشْديَّة ، دَسَميَّـه
det at være cremetdet at være flødeagtig
bársonyosságbõ tejszíntartalomkrémszerûség


[ˈkriːmɪnɪs] Ncremosidad f


(kriːm) noun
1. the yellowish-white oily substance that forms on the top of milk, and from which butter and cheese are made.
2. any of many substances made of, or similar to, cream. ice-cream; face-cream.
3. the best part; the top people. the cream of the medical profession.
4. (also adjective) (of) a yellowish-white colour. cream paint.
1. to make into a cream-like mixture. Cream the eggs, butter and sugar together.
2. to take the cream off. She creamed the milk.
3. (with off) to select (the best). The best pupils will be creamed off for special training.
ˈcreamy adjective
1. full of, or like, cream. creamy milk.
2. smooth and white. a creamy complexion.
ˈcreaminess noun
cream of tartar
an ingredient in baking powder.
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99 Co-op, 70cl) THIS was second favourite for one of the ladies - and most of us thought it was above average on the creaminess.
These super piri piri sweet potatoes with creme fraiche have a delicious combination of sweet, smokey and creaminess.
Based on traditional Taiwanese and Korean shaved ices, Snowdays combines the fluffy texture of snow with the flavor and creaminess of ice cream," Robinson said.
With the rich creaminess of Baileys peeping through the delicate chocolate in each recipe, the Baileys Chocolate Macaroons and Cheesecake will be a creative edible treat with which to celebrate Easter.
And also because bananas have a texture that can easily emulate that of cream so it gives a creaminess to everything.
Great Taste judges described Gelato Gold Coconut Cream as 'a really well made ice cream using excellent ingredients, with real intensity and freshness of coconut flavour', and the Premium Mango Sorbet as having 'lovely colour and good creaminess.
They focused on the graininess, viscosity and creaminess of the product.
8221; The fiery chili's slow, smooth heat is tempered by the juicy crisp green apple caramel and the soothing creaminess of rich chocolate.
The women tasted several vanilla puddings containing varying amounts of fat and were asked to rate them for sweetness and creaminess, a measure of fat content.
It absorbs up to 150% of its own weight in water delivering immediate and lona-term moisturization with exceptional body, creaminess and elegance.
smearing over her jar of uncapped creaminess, finger painting the