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Adj.1.creamy-yellow - yellow with a creamy tinge
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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In shape, it varies from round to oblong; the color of its husk (rind) is green with brown, and its flesh features creamy-yellow to saffron color bulbs depending upon the species.
Lunar Eclipse blooms are a mix of creamy-yellow and violet.
There is the classic greenfly, there are creamy-yellow coloured aphids, pink ones (which are quite pretty to look at), black ones, even woolly ones, to name but a few.
There are a number of hybrids that are worthy of consideration including Burgundy with its rich purple autumn colour, Moonbeam with its slightly slower growth rate and creamy-yellow leaves in summer and Worplesdon with deeply lobed leaves and purple / yellow autumn colour.
Their reverential unwrapping revealed a tiny, wrinkled, creamy-yellow fish, with hand-like front fins and the bearing of a bullfrog.
Flowers with a stout 1-4 mm pedicel, spreading at ca 15[degrees] from the axis at anthesis, opening during the day; sepals elliptic, acute, 12-19 mm, the adaxial pair carinate and 3 mm connate, green, drying castaneous; corolla erect, the lobes spreading; petals narrowly oblanceolate, obtuse, 35-40 mm long, conglutinated into a tube for ca 20 mm, naked, creamy-yellow to yellow; pistil and stamens included.
On one of the garden walls, an unusual shrub called Stachyurus chinensis is just starting to open its stiff racemes of little creamy-yellow bell-flowers.
The base is a creamy-yellow with tinges of pink at the margins.
These include D lutea, with small creamy-yellow flowers; D grandiflora, with large yellow flowers; and the rusty-orange D ferruginea.
Hung in the office area of the gallery, a gorgeous red and creamy-yellow painting, divided into two nearly reverse images, seemed to mimic the facing leaves of an open book, marking a nexus between past and future and by extension memory's illusory spaces.
Most have a creamy-yellow "bib" on |the throat and chest, though in some individuals this is almost absent.