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1. A line made by pressing, folding, or wrinkling.
2. Sports
a. In hockey, an area marked in front of the goal in which an offensive player can score a goal only if the puck reaches the area before the player does.
b. In lacrosse, the circle marked around the goal into which offensive players cannot enter.
c. One of the lines in cricket marking off the positions of the bowler and batter or the space between two of these lines.
v. creased, creas·ing, creas·es
1. To make a pressed, folded, or wrinkled line in.
2. To graze or wound superficially with a bullet.
To become wrinkled.

[Alteration of creaste, perhaps from Middle English creste, ridge; see crest.]

crease′less adj.
crease′proof′ adj.
creas′er n.
creas′y adj.
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At that juncture a certain creasing in his greatcoat caught his ear.
She laughed as if she could not help it when they told her of the in- creasing difficulty there was in pretending that Colin was still a fretful invalid.
Release date- 13082019 - Kongsberg Heavy duty UnitThe latest Kongsberg digital cutting and creasing innovation from Esko, a global provider of integrated hardware and software solutions for the packaging, label and wide format sectors, makes it possible for corrugated converters to cut, crease and perforate jobs without the need to change tools, boosting finishing productivity by up to 50%.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 28, 2014-UK Plastics Capital closes buy of Chinese creasing matrix maker Shengli
It's the ideal way to stop your garments creasing and a perfect way to keep your hallway clear of clutter.