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1. A line made by pressing, folding, or wrinkling.
2. Sports
a. In hockey, an area marked in front of the goal in which an offensive player can score a goal only if the puck reaches the area before the player does.
b. In lacrosse, the circle marked around the goal into which offensive players cannot enter.
c. One of the lines in cricket marking off the positions of the bowler and batter or the space between two of these lines.
v. creased, creas·ing, creas·es
1. To make a pressed, folded, or wrinkled line in.
2. To graze or wound superficially with a bullet.
To become wrinkled.

[Alteration of creaste, perhaps from Middle English creste, ridge; see crest.]

crease′less adj.
crease′proof′ adj.
creas′er n.
creas′y adj.
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In consequence of which his buttons became more importunate of public notice than before, with the exception of two or three about the region of the waistband, which modestly withdrew into a creasy retirement.
Glegg had on her fuzziest front, and garments which appeared to have had a recent resurrection from rather a creasy form of burial; a costume selected with the high moral purpose of instilling perfect humility into Bessy and her children.
I find it hard to imagine gutsy Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy being frightened by the vicar and families with candles in jam jars going on a peace march to stick Post-it notes on her empty office's window.
But Labour's feminist campaigner Stella Creasy wouldn't let him off the hook, demanding he utter the dreaded T-word.
Leader, Jeremy "Boss" Corbyn; Deputy Leader, Tom "Bruiser" Watson; Chancellor, IN THE MIX: Clockwise from top left, Abbott, Burnham, Umunna and Creasy Angela "Figures Head" Eagle; Foreign, Andy "Also Ran" Burnham; Home, John "Prop Forward" McDonnell; Justice, Stella "Injustice Campaigner" Creasy; Defence, Jon "No Nukes" Trickett; Work and Pensions, Michael "Old Labour" Meacher; Health, Diane "Lofty Lefty" Abbott; Education, Rachel "Brainbox" Reeves; International Development, Cat "Newcomer" Smith; Transport, Caroline "Go-Getter" Flint; Business, Chuka "Leadership Chucker" Umunna; Communities, Hilary "Safe Hands" Benn; Chief Whip, Rosie "Smiler" Winterton.
You look like an alien egg" - Labour MP Stella Creasy, a candidate for the party's deputy leadership, reveals one of several insulting emails sent to her by fellow party members.
Charles Taylor plc announces that it has been advised that Edward Creasy, Chairman of the Company, acquired 21,000 Ordinary Shares in the Company at 250p per share on 28 August 2015.
When nominations closed two days later for the deputy leadership, five aspirants had made it: Ben Bradshaw, Stella Creasy, Angela Eagle, Caroline Flint, and Tom Watson.
I am supporting Stella Creasy because I very much admire her campaigning on the issue of payday lenders and exorbitant interest charges.
Watson faces strong competition in the wellliked Caroline Flint, a strong media performer who held various minister positions under Blair and Brown, Stella Creasy, a fresh-faced MP from the 2010 intake who has campaigned against loan sharks, Angela Eagle, deputy chairwoman of the Labour Party, and Ben Bradshaw, former cabinet minister.
He faces a challenge from South Yorkshire MP Caroline Flint, the Shadow Energy Secretary; backbench London MP Stella Creasy, known for her campaign against payday lending firms; Merseyside MP Angela Eagle, the shadow leader of the Commons, and Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw, a former Culture Secretary.
And the one person who I really want to see on the Deputy Leader ballot is Stella Creasy.