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 (krē′ə-tēn′, -tĭn) also cre·a·tin (-tĭn)
A compound, C4H9N3O2, that is found in the muscle tissue of vertebrates mainly in the form of phosphocreatine and that is involved in the storing and supplying energy for muscle contraction.

[French créatine : from Greek kreas, kreat-, flesh; see kreuə- in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.creatin - an amino acid that does not occur in proteins but is found in the muscle tissue of vertebrates both in the free form and as phosphocreatine; supplies energy for muscle contraction
amino acid, aminoalkanoic acid - organic compounds containing an amino group and a carboxylic acid group; "proteins are composed of various proportions of about 20 common amino acids"
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Statins can lead to myalgia (muscle pain), myopathy, elevated creatin in ekinase (myonecrosis) and rhabdomyolysis.4,5 Studies have reported that muscle and tendon related side effects were most commonly noticed in patients treated with rosuvastatin while pravastatin and lovastatin have the lowest rate of side effects.6 Onset of myalgia varies from patient to patient and starts after a few weeks to years of statin therapy.7 Myalgia could be generalised or localised, and persists for more than 3 months after discontinuation of statin therapy with average duration of six-and-a-half months.8
IN chi discu creatin househo about granny you post or anything Listening to your child and their needs around technology will help them remember, enforce and respect what you agree on.
The non-protein segment is further sub-segmented into Amino Acids, Creatin, and Beta alanine & L-Carnitin.
Cleveland's company, COSY (for Cognitive Operational Systems), is creatin sensor perception system for those robots.
The creatin kinase (CK) was highly increased (2072 IU/l).
Codina, "Cerebrospinal fluid levels of myelin basic protein and creatin kinase BB as index of active demyelination," Acta Neurologica Scandinavica, vol.
Investigation revealed elevated levels of antinuclear antibodies (1:40; normal range, <1:40), creatin kinase (382 U/L; normal range, 56–244 U/L), lactic dehydrogenase (254 U/L; normal range, 109–245 U/L), white blood cell (19.71 x 10[sup]9/L, normal range, 3.5–9.5 x 10[sup]9/L), erythrocyte sedimentation rate (78 mm/h; normal range, 0–15 mm/h), C-reactive protein (117.52 mg/L; normal range, <8 mg/L), neurospecific enolase (25.03 ng/ml; normal range, 0–16.30 ng/ml), and electromyography showed muscle damage.
In addition, an FM consultant also works on creatin a suite of FM services tender documents such as service specifications, service levels agreements (SLAs), key performance indicators (KPIs) and performance mechanism, management of the FM services tender process, and operational audits"
He said, on the directives of Regional Police Officer Rawalpindi Mohammad Wisal Fakhar Sultan Raja, the CTP was creatin awareness about traffic rules among the citizens and striving to regulate the city traffic.
Petronio is creatin; a residency for choreographers in Pawling, New York, two hours north of New York City and near the artistic director's home.
Indeed, there is now an enormous range of vitamins, minerals and extracts such as vitamin E, vitamin C, [beta]-carotene, coenzyme Q10, [alpha]-lipoic acid, quercetin, resveratrol, grape seed extract, taurine, carnosine, creatin and [beta]-alanine used as antioxidant supplement in exercise studies in both human and animal subjects (6).