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a. The act of creating.
b. The fact or state of having been created.
2. The act of investing with a new office or title.
a. The world and all things in it.
b. All creatures or a class of creatures.
4. Creation The divine act by which, according to various religious and philosophical traditions, the world was brought into existence.
5. An original product of human invention or artistic imagination: the latest creation in the field of computer design.

cre·a′tion·al adj.
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The platform will increase its promotion of YouTube Kids to parents and is establishing a $100-million fund to be distributed over three years "dedicated to the creational of thoughtful, original children's content on YouTube and YouTube Kids globally."
(47) What other creational possibilities might be uncovered and applied in normative ways?
The missionary ecclesial engagement entails that the church does not lock itself up in an ivory tower but instead shares the same paths as humanity, announcing and witnessing the native unity of humankind according to the creational project of God.
Using theories of circulation to analyze the development of European secular and religious drama, scholars of early modern literature explore relationships between tradition and innovation, the status of genre, the proportion of autonomous and heteronomous creational dispositions within given artefacts or within genres, and the strategies of functionalization in the context of a given part of the cultural net.
(16) Finally, an intriguing case for Christian involvement in the promotion of justice and peace together with others is made by Timothy Lim, whose arguments for such engagement are biblical (creational mandate--Gen.
But, without the specifics of creational theology, it is difficult to know exactly what constitutes important concepts like mercy and love.
The creational of national unity through imposition of the "myth-symbol complex" of a newly introduced national language was carried out with the hope that Urdu would act as a neutral language as it had no territorially bound population in Pakistan.
If the creational force is no longer present and the sexual domination has been openly taken by the woman, then what is left to define masculinity?
My vision of creation finds resonance in a queer creational reading of Psalm 139.
The state as we know it is not necessarily rooted in God's creational intent but in God's postfall preservation of the world.