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1. Variant of creedal.
2. Mathematics Of or relating to the determination of expected probability based on incomplete information.
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Adj.1.credal - of or relating to a creed
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Credal classification rule for uncertain data based on belief functions, Pattern Recognition.
Thackeray at no point denies the scintilla of treacherous Schadenfreude that the aphorist detects in friendship's breast, even though he manages to adduce a slightly more generous corollary, and then works it into toward his credal summation: "we should look at these agreeable and disagreeable qualities of our humanity humbly alike.
(16.) See Preece, The Viability of the Vocation Tradition in Trinitarian, Credal and Reformed Perspective, 279; Sherman, Garber, and McNeal, Kingdom Calling, 74; Josef Pieper and James V Schall, Leisure: The Basis of Culture (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2009), 47-53.
Level 2 - behavioural commitment Level 3 - credal commitment Level 1 - no commitment Level 4 - both behavioural and credal commitment Level 2 - behavioural commitment Level 3 - credal commitment Level 1 - no commitment Level 4 - both behavioural and credal "Level" 5 - Ministerial commitment training offered to Level 2 - behavioural Level 3 - credal ministers ordained commitment commitment online at any of the Level 1 - no commitment other three levels.
Figure 19 shows three proposition spaces ([OMEGA], Z)(D, [OMEGA])([OMEGA], H) and a decision-making function; supposing that A1 is a multimapping from Q to Z, [[LAMBDA].sub.2] is a multimapping from H to Q; [[LAMBDA].sub.1] and [[LAMBDA].sub.2] compose the "credal" level and the decision-making function composes the "pignistic" level in TBM.
Two Belgian scholars helpfully elaborated belief functions to distinguish the formulation of beliefs during a "credal" stage (from the Latin for believe) and decision-making during the "pignistic" stage (from the Latin for a bet).
All this appears tentative and far from satisfying as a credal introduction should.
Rossetti's solution is credal, but also essentially artistic; the God who speaks in 'Love is as Strong as Death' is her own creation.
Consider that, here in the United States, in the recent groundbreaking National Study on Youth and Religion at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, researchers found that of the 3,000 American teenagers who were asked about questions about faith and spirituality, a large majority responded with a shrug and a "whatever." Christian Smith and his team of researchers called this new credal orientation "moralistic therapeutic deism".
credal affirmations, since the poem establishes as their context the
For him the question of the veil in French public schools was never just a matter of republican virtue versus ethnic imperatives: instead, it was a sign of the need to evolve a true multiculturalism, which allowed all credal and non--believing participants to seek freedom in rather than from society.