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1. That which entitles one to confidence, credit, or authority.
2. credentials Evidence or testimonials concerning one's right to credit, confidence, or authority: The new ambassador presented her credentials to the president.
tr.v. cre·den·tialed, cre·den·tial·ing, cre·den·tials Usage Problem
To supply with credentials: "trained, professional, credentialed child care" (Lee Salk).

[From Medieval Latin crēdentiālis, giving authority, from crēdentia, trust; see credence.]
Usage Note: The use of the participle credentialed to refer to certified teachers and other professionals is well established (She became credentialed through a graduate program at a local college), but its more general use to mean "possessing professional or expert credentials" is still widely considered jargon. The sentence The board heard testimony from a number of credentialed witnesses was unacceptable to 85 percent of the Usage Panel in our 1988 survey and to 59 percent in our 2006 survey, indicating that although resistance to it is lessening, its use is still not broadly accepted.
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These pieces of legislation reinforce the critical role credentialed professionals play in protecting and promoting the health, safety, and security of Americans, their families, and their communities.
Credentialed employees learn the importance of adhering to professional standards and are more likely to meet industry benchmarks and deliver high-quality work.
Credentialed service members demonstrate to prospective civilian employers that their skills are on par with their civilian peers.
For example, what difference is there between an ACNPC, credentialed by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, and the ACNP-BC, credentialed by the ANCC?
In many cases, a credentialed educator is more likely to incorporate modern teaching practices into his or her classroom, raising expectations for increased standard outcomes.
to provide the training required for the Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC) credential.
How can a researcher measure the "dose" of credentialed nurses any single patient received?
"The Pre-Accession Credentialing Division, which was contracted by the Navy Recruiting Command to perform pre-accession credentials review services, verifies that the credentials that allow providers to practice are 100 percent true and accurate, that the provider is a good fit for the Navy, and that the provider can be credentialed and privileged if they were to be commissioned tomorrow," Boyrie explained.
It takes time and effort to gauge if appraisers around the country are appropriately credentialed for the type of appraisal or valuation work ordered, and not all AMCs are licensed to do business in every state.
At present, it is difficult for someone interested in becoming a credentialed addiction counselor to make sense of the overall U.S.