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1. A buffet, sideboard, or bookcase, especially one without legs.
2. A piece of office furniture having a long flat top and usually file drawers.

[Italian, from Medieval Latin crēdentia, trust (possibly from the practice of placing food and drink on a sideboard to be tasted by a servant before being served to ensure that it contained no poison); see credence.]


(Furniture) another name for credence table
[Italian: see credence]


(krɪˈdɛn zə)

n., pl. -zas.
1. Also, credence. a sideboard or buffet, esp. one without legs.
2. a low, closed cabinet for papers, supplies, etc., in an office.
[1875–80; < Italian < Medieval Latin crēdentia credence, sideboard for sacramental vessels]


A cupboard or sideboard, typically without legs.
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Noun1.credenza - a kind of sideboard or buffet
buffet, sideboard, counter - a piece of furniture that stands at the side of a dining room; has shelves and drawers
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In addition to the finest gun safes available anywhere, Rhino Metals also manufactures exclusive lines of fabricated metal furniture including tool chests, executive work desks, credenzas and armoires.
Rough Luxe has everything from unique metal framed wood shelving to seared oak consoles, hand rubbed mahogany credenzas and zinc dressers.
Inspired by simplified contemporary forms and the refined elegance of formal style, Sauder showed prototypes for its International Lux collection featuring functional storage and accent pieces, including credenzas, storage cabinets, accent tables, upholstered seating, desks, coffee tables and nesting tables.
H debuted in January at the IMM fair in Cologne with three modest collections, each named for a specific material or technique: Brick (a wholly unexpected fusion of the building material with wood), Corner (faceted tables and credenzas inspired by classic geometry), and Leather (seating with references to classics like the Barcelona chair and Carl Hansen's Colonial chair).
Established office furnishing store offering the highest quality new and used chairs, desks, file cabinets, credenzas, panel systems and more from the industry's leading manufacturers.
Buildings with ornamental metal entrances and stone floors will often need work on high-quality woods such as mahogany and walnut used in vestibules, elevator interiors, and vintage furnishings such as desks, credenzas, and chairs.
The company said that its Wichita Cabin Systems facility, which provides custom design and manufacture of galleys, vanities, high/low and sidewall tables, credenzas, bulkheads, composite panels and window shade assemblies, is part of UTC Aerospace Systems 'Total Cabin Capability' solution, which has a focus on products, service and support for its business jet customers.
This is an ideal hardware solution for high-end sideboards, credenzas or wall units, and can be effectively used in kitchens as well as other rooms in the home.
The collection includes multiple worksurfaces, credenzas, shelves, wardrobe towers, overhead cabinets, bookcases, lighting, and privacy panels.
Credenzas come in a number of styles from the extremely ornate to plain and practical; early ones owned by the wealthy have intricate woodwork with elaborate wood inlay designs.
Owner and designer Marc Desplaines could not settle on a specific design composition for the desk and turned the concept into a 34-piece collection featuring desks, file pedestals, credenzas, bookcases, storage units, and a conference table.
CREDENZAWARE is the term we somewhat humorously use to describe the unrealized output of well-intended organizational studies and project initiatives that all too often find their way to the shelves, disk drives, and credenzas of senior executives.