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1. Capable of being believed; believable or plausible: a credible witness; a credible explanation. See Synonyms at plausible.
2. Considered capable of achieving a goal: The party must nominate a credible candidate for governor.
3. Being of sufficient military capability to deter an attack or carry out an operation successfully: credible military force.

[Middle English, from Latin crēdibilis, from crēdere, to believe; see kerd- in Indo-European roots.]

cred′i·ble·ness n.
cred′i·bly adv.
Usage Note: Credible is widely but incorrectly used where credulous would be appropriate. Credulous means "believing too readily" or "gullible," as in He was credulous (not credible) enough to believe the manufacturer's claims.
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Adv.1.credibly - easy to believe on the basis of available evidence; "he talked plausibly before the committee"; "he will probably win the election"
implausibly, improbably, incredibly, unbelievably - not easy to believe; "behind you the coastal hills plunge to the incredibly blue sea backed by the Turkish mountains"
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بصورةِ يُمكِن تَصْديقُـهـا
hitelt érdemlõen
inanılır/güvenilir bir şekilde


[ˈkredɪblɪ] ADVcreíblemente, verosímilmente
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[ˈkrɛdɪbli] adv
(= convincingly) [claim] → de façon crédible
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(ˈkredəbl) adjective
that may be believed. The story he told was barely credible.
ˈcredibly adverb
ˌcrediˈbility noun
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For example, ten or twelve years before, a shower of small frogs had fallen, as is credibly attested by a contemporaneous chronicle, the record concluding with a somewhat obscure statement to the effect that the chronicler considered it good growing-weather for Frenchmen.
Arrived at New York, he will go to a cheap German house, where he will, as I am credibly informed, be boarded and lodged at the rate--"
I have brought it with me, and I propose to read certain passages from it, which tell a very strange story more plainly and more credibly than I can tell it in my own words."
I have been credibly informed, and am inclined to believe, that the various boards of directors of railway companies, those gigantic jobbers and bribers, while quarrelling about everything else, agreed together some ten years back to buy up the learned profession of medicine, body and soul.
It was credibly ascertained that Squire Sinclare, as his name was commonly contracted in the neighborhood, had counted out fifty dollars, and given them to Miss Ophelia, and told her to buy any clothes she thought best; and that two new silk dresses, and a bonnet, had been sent for from Boston.
I was credibly informed that a gentleman, when riding on a dark night, dropped his watch; he returned in the morning, and by searching the neighbourhood of every bizcacha hole on the line of road, as he expected, he soon found it.
Under Sir Ernest's skilful handling, he told his tale credibly and well.
According to small business fintech lender Credibly, this dramatic upward trend in borrowing has been a constant for the company since its beginning in 2010.
The Under Secretary noted that the transitional government has a significant mandate to end internal conflicts, pursue economic reforms, credibly investigate recent acts of violence, prepare a new constitution, and organize free and fair elections.
The Attorney General's review, in conjunction with the Rhode Island State Police, is intended to identify any prosecutable cases, ensure there are no credibly accused clergy in active ministry and provide input into improvements of the Diocese's current policies and procedures for preventing and responding to allegations of child sexual abuse.
It will have to deem it an "insurance" move since it will be difficult for them to credibly claim data dependency for the action.
to credibly improve fiscal sustainability by focusing on revenue measures to widen the tax base.