credit hour

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credit hour

A credit in a school or college, usually representing one hour of class per week for one term.
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cred′it hour`

one unit of academic credit, usu. representing attendance at one scheduled period of instruction per week throughout a semester, quarter, or term.
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: hour - a unit of academic credit; one hour a week for an academic semester
course credit, credit - recognition by a college or university that a course of studies has been successfully completed; typically measured in semester hours
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For the second time in two years, the price of tuition at the College of DuPage will be rising by $1 per credit hour.
The RN to BS completion program announced Friday cuts tuition rates by 18 percent, dropping a fee of $1,456 per credit hour to $1,200 per credit hour.
It is paramount for us to provide them with an affordable education while also ensuring them an invigorating, contemporary experience of campus life," said President John Feaver.<br /> The increase in student fees consists of a newly established educational network connectivity fee at $12 per credit hour and a $2 per credit hour fee for student government, which had previously been funded from the student activity fee at $1.50 per hour.
Five of the 33 credit hours must be in approved legal ethics, professionalism, bias elimination, substance abuse, or mental illness awareness programs, and three of the 33 credit hours must be in approved technology programs, which are included in, not in addition to, the regular 33 credit hour requirement.
One credit hour may be awarded per 120 minutes of patient services with a maximum of 12 credit hours per renewal period.
The proposal would freeze tuition at USD140 per credit hour for in-district rates plus USD35.85 in fees.
At the University of Arkansas' flagship institution in Fayetteville, undergraduates will see the sharpest incline, paying $13.03 more per credit hour, or $391 for 30 hours.
The most commonly used methods reported were a 0.5 or 0.33 to 1 ratio, meaning that faculty teach two or three clock hours to receive one credit hour of teaching workload.
In order to change that, we have to address underlying problems with the basic currency of higher education: the credit hour. This way of measuring student learning is putting our nation's workforce and future prosperity at risk.
"Cracking the Credit Hour" traces the history of this time-based unit, from the days of Andrew Carnegie to recent federal efforts to define a credit hour.
One can envision new approaches to the analysis of graduation rates and times to degree, for example, and credit hour measures that "follow the student" will permit more accurate costing measures to be produced within institutions.

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