credit order

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: order - an order that is received without paymentcredit order - an order that is received without payment; requires billing at a later date
purchase order, order - a commercial document used to request someone to supply something in return for payment and providing specifications and quantities; "IBM received an order for a hundred computers"
open account - an unpaid credit order
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The new DAO will only apply to disputes relating to export trade transactions involving exportable goods and services from the Philippines, including but not limited to (1) nonpayment of delivery; (2) nondelivery of paid order; (3) canceled letter of credit order; (4) short shipment; (5) noncompliance to quality specification; (6) unjustified nonperformance of contractual obligations.
Aaron Posner's upcoming Life Sucks, on the other hand, would count as a new play; though inspired by Uncle Vanya, the title and credit order tell us it's Posner's, and it's new.
* The discount & entry into the prize draw is only applicable when you place your first credit order of PS40 or more before 31st Dec 12.
From now on, though, individual bank deposits of that size will no longer be fully protected in the event of a bank failure -- except when ''regional credit order is seriously threatened.''
Mr Dunn-Shaw said the Harrow company did exist but alleged the gang used genuine details to place their credit order, but changed the telephone and fax details of the company.
When Yokomichi urged the government to disclose the outcome of the financial watchdog's inspection, Obuchi replied he will consider doing so while trying to keep credit order.
Article 102 says the prime minister can order a public-fund injection ''through consultations at the Financial Crisis Response Conference if he judges it would induce extremely serious damage to the maintenance of credit order in our country'' unless he orders the injection.
If you wanted a credit report from your favorite credit agency, you would dial the VAN and drop your credit order request in the credit agency's mailbox.

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