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1. Deserving of often limited praise or commendation: The student made a creditable effort on the essay.
2. Worthy of belief: a creditable story.
3. Deserving of commercial credit; creditworthy: a creditable customer.
4. Capable of being assigned.

cred′it·a·bil′i·ty, cred′it·a·ble·ness n.
cred′it·a·bly adv.
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We have brought about qualitative improvement in this overall examination system, ensuring its quality and creditability, as per the instructions of the Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Shahid Siddiqui.
630 billion from the finance ministry in order to enhance its creditability and completely reduction of possible rigging in the forthcoming general election 2018.
Authlinks services drives increased search results, direct traffic, boosted creditability and an expanded audience, offering a competitive advantage.
By: Egypt Today staff Egypt's State Information Service (SIS) urged the international media to stick with creditability and accuracy in reporting on the terrorists attacks that hit Egypt on Sunday.
He alleged PTI is losing its creditability for ignoring party workers on ground in leadership and nominations.
This long-term facility proves Acron s strong creditability and enhances further the group s liquidity profile, said Acron s senior vice-president Oscar Valters.
The revelations should be pursued to their fullest so that Philippine democracy may gain creditability and become a reality.
For his part, the head of the mission expressed relief over the safety of the members after the brutal attack against them and their mission in investigating the creditability of the allegation of chlorine use in Syria.
He cited five pillars for success of transformative industries in our region as follows: building giant labs for refining and chemicals, linking the upstream and downstream industries, locating those utilities in the vicinity of major markets, the operational excellence through improving the cost and increasing the creditability, and use of advanced technology.
In public point of view after making Sachi Yaari series TVC Telenor losses its creditability in the market.
But, more to the point, it would have a considerable impact on the creditability of coalition.
is still early to speak about creditability of companies of the given sectors.