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also cre·dal  (krēd′l)
Of or relating to a creed.
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Adj.1.creedal - of or relating to a creed
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Other personal or short creedal statements are found in the New Testament, such as, "Jesus is Lord" or Peter's response to Jesus's question of "Who do you say I am?" with the confession "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God."
It's timely, as Brian Flanagan explains, because holiness is at the heart of the church's identity, "one of the earliest creedal statements made about the church," and one that we repeat regularly: "I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy catholic Church." And this is the paradox that Flanagan takes on in Stumbling in Holiness: Sin and Sanctity in the Church, that the church, sinful as it is, is at the same time the manifestation of God's transcendent holiness.
Then there do exist Sufi orders where creedal differences are obliterated and where even the distinction between the Muslim and non-Muslim is thrown into obscurity.
Ultimately, Fukuyama's proposals amount to a "healthy nationalism" that is creedal in orientation.
In the other camp are the creedal nationalists who define the nation in broad, abstract, and universal terms.
They are less likely to be anchored in a political party, church or some other creedal community.
Academia prefers historical-critical methodology in the quest for the historical Jesus contra the creedal authority of the Gospel narratives as believed and preached in the Ecclesia.
Dominique-Sila Khan in her book, "Sacred Kerala- A Spiritual Journey" narrates a number of practices and traditions that contain the seeds of a truly universal spirituality that transcends narrow creedal boundaries.
Instead he historicizes, contextualizes, and thereby relativizes creedal Christology and Trinitarianism as one possible way of developing theology faithful to the New Testament, which at the same time "open[s] the door to bypassing the classic language" (79).
drone strike in April 2016, and ideologues such as sharia council members Sami al-Uraydi and Abu Abdullah al-Shami, bringing together both military experience and creedal puritanism.
Not until the third chapter does he get into early attempts to relate Father, Son, and Spirit that were later rejected as heretical, and into the creedal statements of Nicaea, Constantinople, and Chalcedon.