creep feed

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Noun1.creep feed - feed given to young animals isolated in a creep
feed, provender - food for domestic livestock
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To train piglets with creep feed before weaning is a critical practice.
All piglets are allowed free access to water, and sow milk before weaning or creep feed after weaning.
until 30 days of age; creep feed and milk replacer intake were measured three times daily.
However, even though offering creep feed to piglets from their second week of life is a common practice, their consumption is low and too variable amongst the individuals of the same litter and amongst litters (PAJOR et al.
In 2009, due to lack creep feed as well as sufficient green fodder, lambs were born and showed signs of Orf/ Contagious Ecthyma.
He said Trefnant Hall adapted their lambing system from a flock of 1,200 Welsh Mules - bought as yearlings, lambed inside in mid-February, with lambs fed creep feed - to a closed flock of 900 Lleyn ewes which are out-wintered on swedes from Christmas until early March.
They are not too big, lamb easily and produce lambs at 40kg mostly off grass - we only creep feed the twins.
A creep feed is placed near the entrance to the paddock so that Born To Run is distracted as her mum, by now carrying her next foal, is led out.
The new Buy American grinding tools and machinery directory includes offerings for new and used surface grinders, cutting tools, carbide tools, CBN and IG grinders as well as creep feed, OD, belt grinder, cylindrical, jig, angle grinder and blanchard grinding machines for virtually every application," said Malloy.
It maximises the benefits of through-the-tool coolant delivery systems on vertical and horizontal machining centres and will help achieve the best productivity from creep feed and VIPER grinders.
During modeling of the kinematic grain path creep feed grinding and reciprocating grinding conditions are separated by their different characteristic courses of uncut chip thickness leading to different mechanisms of surface generation as show in Figure 1 (Dobrescu, 1998).