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Verb1.creep in - enter surreptitiously; "He sneaked in under cover of darkness"; "In this essay, the author's personal feelings creep in"
penetrate, perforate - pass into or through, often by overcoming resistance; "The bullet penetrated her chest"
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w>creep in

vi(sich) hinein-/hereinschleichen (→ -to in +acc); (mistakes, doubts)sich einschleichen (→ -to in +acc)
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The modified Burgers model is better than the conventional Burgers creep model in describing the mechanical characteristics of creep in coal.
A Review of creep in wood: Concepts relevant to develop long-term behaviour predictions for wood structures.
Meanwhile, stirrups and top-layer steel bars were not used in the moment span (500 mm) to avoid the effects of reinforcement on concrete creep in the compression zone.
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Contrast with shear creep, there is steady creep before accelerated creep in triaxial undrained creep test because of the lack of lateral restraint and known failure surface, and the failure time is much longer in triaxial undrained creep test.
"Before last season's game I would have said there was no doubt about it, but a little bit has started to creep in as a result of that defeat."
Wilshire and his team at Swansea went back to first principles to try to characterise creep in a way that would work for every instance, and his view is that the three-stage model of creep is just plain wrong.
A constant weight of 500 gm is applied to the sewing thread samples to observe its creep in the duration of 30 min.
Sean Dodd floated in a free-kick from the right hand side and not one of the seven home defenders saw Ian Williams creep in around the back to fire the ball home with the simplest of tap-ins.