creeping Charlie

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creeping Char·lie

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Noun1.creeping Charlie - a loosestrife vinecreeping Charlie - a loosestrife vine      
loosestrife - any of various herbs and subshrubs of the genus Lysimachia
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Look for Ground Ivy, Creeping Charlie, Creeping Jenny, Gill-over-the-ground and Robin Runaway and all are referring to the same plant -- Glecoma hederacea.
This stuff can slay the hardiest weeds, the ones with small leaves such as clover and creeping Charlie. It works best in the spring and fall, when temps are no higher than 80 degrees F.
The Creeping Charlie we planted several years ago as a perennial has definitely taken on some of the characteristics of a weed.
Use selective herbicides for broadleaf control such as dandelions and creeping Charlie. Nutsedge and wild garlic are monocots, so broadleaf controls will not work on them.
Swedish ivy, creeping charlie, or a spider plant baby all work well.