creeping bent

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Noun1.creeping bent - common pasture or lawn grass spread by long runners
bent grass, bent-grass, bent - grass for pastures and lawns especially bowling and putting greens
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In situations where pH, potash and phosphate levels are below target, leys will be dominated by species including Yorkshire Fog and creeping bent.
It features the latest creeping bent grass greens and is now a permanent fixture on the EuroPro Tour.
The pair, who shared a passion for New York art punks Suicide, teamed up on a number of projects and launched their Creeping Bent label in 1994.
A luxury lawn provides a velvety, close-pile, living green carpet and usually comprises a mixture of fine leaved grasses - the bents such as Brown Top Bent, Creeping Bent and the fescues such as Chewing's and Creeping Slender Red.
Weed grasses such as the meadow grasses, creeping bent and Yorkshire fog, for example, are less productive, lower in quality and less responsive to nitrogen than commercially bred ryegrasses, so any level of ingress is going to reduce the productivity of your sward.
Effects of shade on the growth of velvet bent and Metropolitan creeping bent. Bull.
metres of fine, dense creeping bent grass for the new greens.
Neglected rank grassland dominated by cocksfoot and false oat grasses is classified as semiimproved as is damp grassland dominated by Yorkshire fog, creeping bent, tufted hair grass which may or may not have frequent tussocks of soft rush.
THE PERIL: Creeping bent grass from golf courses already invades many lawns and gardens; making it resistant to sprays would only make it harder to control.
Lawns of cool-season grasses (bluegrass, creeping bent grass, crested wheatgrass, and fescues) should be seeded in mid- to late August (July at higher elevations).