creeping buttercup

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Noun1.creeping buttercup - perennial European herb with long creeping stolonscreeping buttercup - perennial European herb with long creeping stolons
buttercup, butterflower, butter-flower, crowfoot, goldcup, kingcup - any of various plants of the genus Ranunculus
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The "nitrogen guzzlers", which also include cow parsley and creeping buttercup, thrive in nitrogen-rich soils caused in part by pollution from road traffic which settles on road verges, wildlife charity Plantlife said.
A third thought ivy was a flower and one in five thought the creeping buttercup was too.
With perennial weeds such as creeping buttercup, daisies and dandelions you must get to the root of the problem which means digging the whole thing out.
The creeping buttercup ranunculus repens is the most common in the UK and can easily be distinguished from meadow buttercup because its leaves are in three parts with a short stalk connecting the middle section.
One year I waged war against creeping buttercup. It's a weed of damp gardens like mine and was beginning to take over, smothering everything in its path.
Gardens can be branded by particular weeds, reflecting the prevailing conditions, in my case Ranunculus repens, otherwise the creeping buttercup.
"Last year our survey showed that creeping buttercup and cowslip were among the UK's most common wildflowers where as stinking iris and alpine lady's mantle were the least recorded.
Maintenance is limited to tweaking out the odd tree seedling or rogue creeping buttercup.
Q OVER the last few years my rock garden has been increasingly infested with couch grass and creeping buttercup. I am a pensioner so can't dig it out.
The creeping buttercup was selected for the study because much of its reproduction is through cloning itself by sending out runners.