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The light brown foam on top of a serving of espresso.

[Italian, cream, from Middle French crème, from Old French cresme; see cream.]
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Arrange on a platter, and serve right away with the tortillas, slaw, avocado crema, diced onion, chopped cilantro, pickled jalapeno slices and lime wedges.
For a more flavorful and full-bodied coffee experience, Great Taste White Crema combines the real coffee taste with rich vanilla cream for a creamy linamnam that is reminiscent of everyone's favorite latte.
Crust and Crema has a successful sister outlet in Saar close to the cinema.
Valorando el coste del producto un tubo de crema anestesica Emla[R] cuesta 15,64(euro) y dura una media de 45 dias y un bote de Cloretilo[R] en spray cuesta 3.47(euro) y dura una media de 60 dias por paciente.
We present findings from research into a CBC initiative in northern Ghana: Kunlog Community Resource Management Area (CREMA).
Cafe Crema in Marygate, Berwick Upon Tweed is available to buy on a leasehold basis at PS35,000 through Rook Matthews Sayer estate agents, tel: 0191 212 0000.
Smoked Trout With Asparagus-Lemon Crema Trout is marvelously suited to smoking and adapts to a variety of seasonings.