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The ashes that remain after cremation of a corpse.

[Blend of cremated, past participle of cremate and remains.]


US the cremated remains of a body


the ashes of a cremated corpse.
[1945–50; b. cremate and remains]
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Noun1.cremains - the remains of a dead body after cremation
cadaver, corpse, remains, stiff, clay - the dead body of a human being; "the cadaver was intended for dissection"; "the end of the police search was the discovery of a corpse"; "the murderer confessed that he threw the stiff in the river"; "honor comes to bless the turf that wraps their clay"
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Following cremation, Cremains burial with Military Honors will be in Woodlawn Cemetery in Forest Park.
Tenders are invited for upgrade cremains garden & front gate section; remove gravel sidewalk and apply concrete, replace gravel edging with sod, relocate sprinklers with minor irrigation work.
A Pennsylvania woman, Jennifer Dailey, is considering suing a funeral house after she discovered last week that the funeral house accidentally exchanged her baby's cremains with that of a pet dog in 2015.
Porco Lounge is decorated with outrigger canoes, giant statues, lamps and other original memorabilia from the now-defunct Kon Tiki Restaurant chain that came from a local collector; he is now deceased but his cremains rest in a Tiki statue on the lounge's backbar.
Big enough to hold the cremains of all the potters and show organizers, it seems a bargain at $400.
The funeral home had other options for the cremains, but I wanted an heirloom, a piece of art that could be handed down, not just a box of ashes stuck in a closet.
They have a network of funeral directors who perform cremations, cemeteries that will accept cremains, and priests who can provide ongoing counseling or referrals for professional and peer-based support.
It has also opposed the macabre practice of feeding the cremains (cremated remains) to favorite household pets.
Scattered cremains (material resulting from cremation) -- a result of rising burial costs -- which have high levels of phosphate and calcium that could pollute ecosystems and waterways.
But if the dates are accurate, the cremains can be interpreted as possibly representing individuals who in some way or other deviated from the norm and were therefore excluded from the common burial ground.
You also can use a plastic or cardboard container to transport your loved one's cremains if you plan to spread the ashes soon after the funeral.
And I said, 'Well, actually, you put cremains in there.