cremation chamber

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Noun1.cremation chamber - a furnace where a corpse can be burned and reduced to ashes
furnace - an enclosed chamber in which heat is produced to heat buildings, destroy refuse, smelt or refine ores, etc.
gas oven - a cremation chamber fueled by gas
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Sikhs insist district admin delaying cremation chamber despite funds approval
It takes place in a cremation chamber, also known as a retort.
Reuters/Hanoi Relatives offered words of comfort to a teary-eyed woman paying her last respects as an undertaker slammed shut the door of the cremation chamber and flames engulfed the small coffin of a cherished family member.
The cremation chamber is fuelled by gas and has to be heated to a min of 750c only then is the coffin loaded into to it.
More families are asking to be present when a relative's body is placed in the cremation chamber. At Poole-Larsen Funeral Home, one family recently carried a relative's casket directly into the crematorium as part of the memorial service - in keeping with their Hindu tradition, says funeral director Terry Moore.